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TRITTea Research Institute of Tanzania (D'Salaam, Tanzania)
TRITTurbine Rotor Inlet Temperature
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For extraction of protein, frozen left intercostal muscle (~30 mg) was triturated in a radioimmuno-precipitation assay buffer and protease inhibitor cocktail (1:1000, SigmaFast, Sigma-Aldrich; St.
The high-sucrose diet was obtained mixing 600 g sucrose and 60 g of soy oil to 1000 g of a previously triturated standard chow.
Briefly, 10 mg of each sample were triturated with tissue homogenizer buffer (50 mM Tris, 150 mM NaCl, 0.
After the sap was extracted, the fiber was washed with distilled water, dried for 48 h, triturated and sifted through 2-mm sieves (untreated fiber).
The filtration columns were mounted in PVC tubes measuring 100 mm in diameter and 600 mm in length, having been filled with wood sawdust which was previously air dried and triturated using the Disintegrator/Chopper-grinder (DCG), no.
The Cotton Development Company (SODECOTON) based in Garoua has 1,527 workers operating eight factories producing 152,815 tons of cotton, 62,808 tons of fibre, 76,340 tons of triturated grains and 11,345m litres of oil on average per year.
Later, the collected plant material was dried at room temperature in a dark room, and the leaves and flowers were separated in order for these to be triturated with the help of a pulvex plastic hand mill Model 95 (Molinos Pulvex, S.
Limit the amount of amalgam triturated to the closest amount necessary for the restoration, i.