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We must not, however, push the foregoing argument too far, on account of the probable origin of some of our domestic animals from several wild stocks: the blood, for instance, of a tropical and arctic wolf or wild dog may perhaps be mingled in our domestic breeds.
We may have quartered through the earth's crust and come out upon some tropical island of the West Indies," I suggested.
Next he managed to stagger and crawl toward the near-by jungle, where he had seen evidences of profusion of tropical fruit.
The smallest rock in the tropical seas, by giving a foundation for the growth of innumerable kinds of seaweed and compound animals, supports likewise a large number of fish.
After wandering about for some hours, I returned to the landing-place; but, before reaching it, I was overtaken by a tropical storm.
It had happened very quickly: night falls quickly in tropical countries.
The isolation of the Kaolians is rendered almost complete by the fact that no waterway connects their land with that of any other nation, nor have they any need of a waterway since the low, swampy land which comprises the entire area of their domain self-waters their abundant tropical crops.
Tokyo 2020s continued use of tropical timber and refusal to conduct any reasonable due diligence contradicts Japans pledge to host a sustainable Olympics, said Hana Heineken with Rainforest Action Network, The authorities must upgrade their Timber Sourcing Code.
Tropical Smoothie Cafes in North Florida have been proud supporters of local schools and community organizations since they opened their first cafe in the area more than five years ago.
A tropical depression is categorized as a storm with winds of less than 39 mph, while a tropical storm has winds between 39 mph and 73 mph.
in addition to computing reliable approximations of energy conversion-transfer values during any given tropical cyclone.
Perez said the tropical depression is approximately 2,500 kilometers east of the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).