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Because of the increased volume of delinquencies and the concern regarding TDR reporting requirements, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2011-02, A Creditor's Determination of Whether a Restructuring Is a Troubled Debt Restructuring, to help clarify what factors trigger TDR classification.
In December 2008, the gain resulting from the execution of the loan modification agreement, calculated in accordance with SFAS 15, was determined as follows: Transaction costs paid in cash $ 93 Loan modification and forbearance agreement, principal plus future estimated interest payments 18,901 Deferred transaction costs 104 Total consideration paid 19,098 Amount outstanding under original indenture (21,625) Interest accrued under original indenture (563) Gain on troubled debt restructuring $(3,090) Modification: future cash payments exceed the canying amount.
FASB issued an exposure draft that contains clarifying guidance intended to improve consistency and transparency in financial reporting about troubled debt restructurings.
EXHIBIT 2 Number of Filers Audited by Non Big Four Issuing APB Opinion 30 Extraordinary Items, 2005-2009 Type Gain on Troubled Debt Restructuring 9 Excess Insurance Proceeds from Asset Loss 4 Legal Settlement 3 Audit Opinion Unqualified 4 Internal Control Limitation 1 Going Concern 11 Impact Gain 15 Loss 1 Total Occurrences 16 There were several cases where companies discussed "extraordinary" gains and losses in the notes, but did not classify the items as extraordinary on the income statement.
94-1, Application of Statement 115 to Debt Securities Restructured in a Troubled Debt Restructuring, securities received in connection with a debt restructuring are subject to Statement no.
114, a loan also is impaired when its original terms are modified in a troubled debt restructuring. Thus, the statement also amends FASB Statement No.
With Precision LM, lenders are able to set up discounts with both accretable and non-accretable components, automate processes such as stop and re-start accruals, deferred revenue recognition, expected cash flow processing, impairment modeling, perform loan modification modeling, and troubled debt restructuring (TDR) classification.
READ more on troubled debt restructuring
if a loan that was restructured in a troubled debt restructuring involving a modification of terms before the effective date of this Statement is not impaired based on the terms specified by the restructuring agreement, a creditor may continue to account for the loan in accordance with the provisions of [FASB] Statement [no.] 15 [Accounting by Debtors and Creditors for Troubled Debt Restructurings] prior to its amendment by this Statement."
In-substance foreclosures were first discussed in the authoritative accounting literature in June 1977, in FASB Statement 15, Accounting by Debtors and Creditors for Troubled Debt Restructuring. Paragraph 34 of the Statement states:
The board also sent out for a 30day comment period a proposed rule requiring federally insured credit unions to have written loan workout policies and calculate and report troubled debt restructuring loan delinquencies based on restructured contract terms.
The registrant enters into an SFAS 15 troubled debt restructuring. The restructured debt instrument may have the characteristics of a marketable debt security.