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Radiographic images of the right hip showed an apparent trunnion fracture with significant asymmetric wear of the polyethylene liner within the acetabular component (Figure 1).
The potential problem is that the trunnion and bolt lock together to contain the pressure when the rifle fires.
Trying to force an oversize barrel into the trunnion risks cracking and ruining the trunnion.
For testing very large or complex payloads, we recommend a stand-alone trunnion mounted shaker with a separate slip table on a seismic base.
TACOM SOUM 10-017 told commanders to have all M871 and M871A1 semitrailer trunnion mount brackets inspected at the frame weld area for cracks and/ or separations using TB 9-2510-242-40 as a guide.
The explanation of how the landing-gear strut had detached from the aft trunnion fitting made sense.
India, June 13 -- Haas Automation has launched a new five-axis machine, viz., the TR160Y dual-axis trunnion rotary table.
The TR160Y is a compact dual-axis trunnion rotary table designed to mount in the Y direction--front to back on the table--of a mid-size VMC.
The company is expanding its line of 5-axis machines with the VF-2TR trunnion machining center, a compact VMC equipped with a factory-installed, dual-axis trunnion table that provides full 5-axis capabilities.
Offered in three left-tilting arbor saw configurations (models 36-L336, 36-L352 and 36-L552), the new saw features a unique, one-piece cast-iron trunnion design, which positions the adjustment controls together prominently on the front of the saw.
In addition, the local and global technical support the team can offer throughout the process, from the initial query through to the installation, was key in the decision-making." Commenting on the project, Mark Oliver, deputy chairman at Oliver Twinsafe Valves, said: "This project required a vast amount of double block and bleed ball valves that could safely operate process isolation applications to the highest standard and we could provide the valves in a wide range of sizes to meet the specific needs." Oliver Twinsafe Valves utilises trunnion ball technology to offer increased safety measures within one valve body, minimising the risk of leaks whilst offering significant weight and space savings over two standard isolation ball valves (in typical double block and bleed format).