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TRUSTTeam for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology
TRUSTTransition Reliable Unitized Structure (software)
TRUSTTeam Republicans for Utilizing Sensible Tactics (politics)
TRUSTText Retrieval Using Semantic Technologies (research engine)
TRUSTTransparently Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Terminal
TRUSTTotally Relying upon Spiritual Truth
TRUSTTrain Running System on Tops (UK railway computer system providing realtime information)
TRUSTTelevision Relay Using Small Terminals (satellite)
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"I'm fighting the Trust on the only field where it is possible to fight--the political field.
And then the hotel-keeper would go on to show how the Socialists had the only real remedy for such evils, how they alone "meant business" with the Beef Trust. And when, in answer to this, the victim would say that the whole country was getting stirred up, that the newspapers were full of denunciations of it, and the government taking action against it, Tommy Hinds had a knock-out blow all ready.
"No doubt," I said; "but Love, like a good householder(ahem!), does well not to live too much on trust."
I told him my circumstances at large: that I was a widow come over from American, perfectly desolate and friendless; that I had a little money, and but a little, and was almost distracted for fear of losing it, having no friend in the world to trust with the management of it; that I was going into the north of England to live cheap, that my stock might not waste; that I would willingly lodge my money in the bank, but that I durst not carry the bills about me, and the like, as above; and how to correspond about it, or with whom, I knew not.
"I can easily explain to you what I mean by a Secret Trust. It is usually contained in the form of a letter from a Testator to his Executors, privately informing them of testamentary intentions on his part which he has not thought proper openly to acknowledge in his will.
A very few years more and the hazardous difficulties of handling a fleet under canvas shall have passed beyond the conception of seamen who hold in trust for their country Lord Nelson's legacy of heroic spirit.
``Peace, Sir Knight!'' said Waldemar; ``and you, good my lord, forgive the scruples of valiant De Bracy; I trust I shall soon remove them.''
"My friend," said the Undertaker Who Was a Member of a Trust, "this is a most hateful and injurious scheme.
I trust, however, that the impracticability of one general system cannot be shown.
'He's a fool who trusts to luck, one should make certain,' and I want to try."
Each moment, however, pressed upon him a conviction of the critical situation in which he had suffered his invaluable trust to be involved through his own confidence.
I will rely upon it, if you will tell me I may so far trust - '