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TSARThe Sun Also Rises
TSARTissue Sensing Adaptive Radar (tumor detection)
TSARText Search and Replace
TSARTransportation Statistics Annual Report
TSARTaiwan Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance
TSARTotal Sum at Risk
TSARTidewater Search and Rescue (Norfolk, VA)
TSARTu Sers A Rien (French: you are useless)
TSARTopical Safety Analysis Report
TSARTheater Simulation of Airbase Resources (Model)
TSARTransportation Security Administration Representative
TSARTransmission Security Analysis Report
TSARTest Schedule and Review
TSARTheater Simulation of Airfield Resources
TSARTRANSCOM Siting And Readiness
TSARTime Scanned Array Radar
TSARTechnical Safety Analysis Report (US Department of Energy)
TSARTime Series Acoustic Recall
TSARTotal System Acknowledgement Responsibility
TSARTraining Situation Analysis Report
TSARTexas Stairs and Rails (Houston, TX)
TSARTactical Situational Awareness Relay
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It is forbidden to enter the two directions of road vehicles: From 00.00 on 03.05.2019 until the end of the events on 06.05.2019 on "Tsar Osvoboditel" Blvd between "G.
The Tsar's possible relocation to Scotland is just one of the incredible revelations in historian Alexandra Churchill's new book: "In the Eye of the Storm: George author Alexandra V and the Great War."
Tsar Nicholas took a vast collection of treasure to Siberia when he was exiled with his family after the revolution in 1917.
But more of these national tsardoms later, for this column's real peg was last week's announcement of the first combined authority (CA) tsar. I'd actually expected it earlier, reckoning at least one new CA mayor would see unveiling, say, a homelessness or youth unemployment tsar as an irresistible 'first 100 days' publicity opportunity.
He proposes that in the 18th century the authority of the ruling family, and the institution of the tsar's power more broadly, suffered in the eyes of the people when "the behavior of the tsars and tsarinas ...
Lars Eidinger: I can honestly understand to some extent that the person I portray, Tsar Nicholas II, has been canonized and that people want to defend him.
He made him his 'enterprise tsar,' a role he held until Cameron fired him.
So they gave TSAR a Toyota Hilux that TV's Top Gear dubbed "indestructible" five years ago after they dropped it from a tower block and it survived.
"The monument to Tsar Dusan is part of the "Skopje 2014" project and BDI, along with PDSH, actively participated in its realization.
We were there the night the attempt at tearing down the monument to Tsar Dusan was made.
They were the work of Peter Carl Faberge, a jeweller to Tsar Alexander III who was commissioned to make an Easter egg for his wife, the Empress Maria.
A CUP given to King James I in Warwick nearly 400 years ago before being presented to a Russian Tsar has been returned to Britain for an exhibition.