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TULPSTesto Unico Leggi Pubblica Sicurezza (Italian: Read the Consolidated Public Security)
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The framework agreement relates to the assignment of the supervisory service to the occasional access gates (eg building site gates), security services to protect the asset authority~s assets, the escort service of the vehicles and materials that by nature and / or size they are not radiogenic, as well as other aviation security activities to be carried out at the "marco polo" airports of venice and "antonio canova" of treviso, in compliance with the european legislation of the sector, dm 85/99, at tulps, to the ministerial decree 269/2010, to the national security program, as well as to the ordinances issued by the airport management and other competent authorities.
Tulps Anatomy Lesson, a student learns about religious perspectives on human dissection, on chemistry and the mixing of paint, on medical practices today and in the past, and on education methods through the centuries.
Performance of the Chamber~s headquarters security service by former operator TULPS also enabled with remote monitoring systems of locations and transport values.