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TUNTunisia (ISO Country code)
TUNTunas (FAO fish species code)
TUNTotal Uninstall
TUNTouro University Nevada
TUNTeam Unity (Trinidad and Tobago)
TUNTunis, Tunisia - Carthage (Airport Code)
TUNTrade Unit Number (barcode on product outer packaging)
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ENPNewswire-August 29, 2019--TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF DENMARK: This year's tuna tagging project under way in the Skagerrak
Tuna steaks, tuna salads or ready-to-eat canned tuna a[euro]" whatever your choice is, tuna is scrumptious in all forms and carries a high nutritional value.
The way it boosts neural development in babies and protects the hearts and minds of adults, tuna could be considered health food.
Australia has backed measures to improve the conservation of Atlantic bluefin tuna, but believes the Monaco-proposed blanket trade ban would undermine the recovery of the species, Environment Minister Peter Garrett announced Friday.
Summary: MUGLA (Cihan) --Fishers, caught a very big tuna fish on Wednesday in Turkey's southwestern Aegean city of Mugla
The Fisheries Agency on Friday announced a plan to reduce the number of Japanese longline tuna fishing boats by 10-20 percent in response to tougher international restrictions on tuna catches.
While a rival environmental group, Friend of the Sea, doesn't think that all tuna fisheries are threatened, bluefin stocks are believed to be so short that European Union governments agreed last November to a 15-year plan that progressively restricts harvests and requires traceability throughout the supply chain.
In the present study, the vertical movement patterns of skipjack tuna when associated with floating objects were similar to those reported by Schaefer and Fuller (2005) for both skipjack and bigeye (Thunnus obesus) tunas associated with floating objects in the equatorial EPO.
The international governing body on the conservation of Atlantic tunas also recommended that China freeze the number of its long-line tuna fishing boats at 60, and reduce it to 30 in the future.
Their object: to locate schools of bluefin tuna, 500- to 700-pound fish that are highly prized by commercial fishermen.
For convenience, the species were grouped under four large categories: Tunas, Billfishes, Sharks, and Others(5) (Table 3).
The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas agreed Monday to cut the Atlantic bluefin tuna catch quota for 2009 by about 20 percent from the current level to 22,000 tons, Japanese officials said.