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TUPSTohoku University Press, Sendai (Sendai; Japan)
TUPSTowed Underwater Pumping System
TUPSTissue Ultrasound Palpation Sensor
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Hoggs run with the tup for 17 days and usually 60 to 70% of them hold.
Cast tups: Cross - PS66 Woodend; Suffolk - PS66 Woodend.
Shearling tup: 1 & 2 W Ramsay & Sons; 3 Colin McClymont, Cuil, Palnure.
With crosses gaining traction, a Texel x Beltex tup from GP Williams & Co, Bryn Dansi, Abergele, made good money at 1,080gns.
Anyway things were not looking too good for the tup, his guts looked empty and he even rocked a little, bracing his legs in an attempt to stay upright.
"A body condition score of about 3/5 for ewes and about 3.5/5 for tups is ideal.
We have mixed up the brightly coloured ruddle - powdered paint stirred into oil - to daub this on tups chests so we can see they are performing as evidence of activity is left on the yows rump.
The way to any man's heart is through his stomach and I guess the same can be said of sheep as those tups were definitely not looking for love in the snowy fields.
We went home tired but elated and straight away started sorting up next year's prospective young tups.
For a couple of days this week the auction at Kirkby Stephen will be a mass of farmers from far and wide, some selling tups, others buying tups and a lot trying to do both.
Kese bolgesinde sislik saptanan iki hastanin biri medikal tedaviden fayda gorurken, digerine medikal tedaviye yanit vermemesinden dolayi tup kullanilmadan revizyon EDSR uygulandi.