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turduckenboneless turkey stuffed with a boneless duck stuffed with a boneless chicken
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Turducken has long struck me as Frankenfood created for those who don't actually like the taste of bird meat: It's a labor-intensive preparation, often augmented with cornbread stuffing and sausage, for those who think turkey is tasteless, chicken bland and duck too gamy to eat on its own.
Consumers are encouraged to check the lot code and best buy date of any 5-pound frozen Turducken, 2-pound Quest Emu or 2-pound Quest Beef.
who would likely be reticent to pursue the "turducken"
Turducken became popular when US delis began selling it.
The Turducken is not a simple or straightforward adaptation of The Seagull: in addition to being a parody of Chekhov's classic, it is a parody of dinner theaters and holiday musical revues in the United States.
Placido brings the required steeliness to the direction of his starry cast, led by Daniel Auteuil and Mathieu Kassovitz, but he's let down by a turducken of a script, with plotlines randomly stuffed into other plotlines until it's an unrecognizable beast of a movie.
Thanksgiving entrees include a serving of 12-ounce portion of tender turkey breast or turducken, a 12-ounce portion of turkey breast stuffed with duck and chicken breast, each served with a prosciutto and fennel cornbread stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce.
Exotics can be found in the meat department, too -- turtle, alligator, duck, venison, rattlesnake, python and ostrich -- along with value-added items like flavored burgers, beef Wellington, stuffed chicken Rockefeller, turducken stuffed with house-made Italian sausage, and other prepared entr'es.
I take a bite of the turducken Emeril's understudy carried back to me earlier.
Bone-sore, exhausted and the pressure off, we took a field day the next morning, chasing fox and stunning Harlequin ducks on the beach all day, so the critter pile on the transom by sundown looked like a Turducken of fur and feathers, with five dead blacktail presiding and a few stiff cod I'd jigged up for crab bait bearing silent witness.
Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness, even when someone who does not ordinarily overeat attempts to consume a turducken in homage to John Madden that I admit was a terrible, terrible idea.
Do we really need 'turducken' for a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey, when chefs already have the splendid word 'engastration' for the business of stuffing one creature inside another?