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T/OTime Out
T/OTake Out (restaurant food)
T/OTheater of Operations
T/OTable of Organization
T/OTrain Operator
T/OTarget of Opportunity
T/OThermal Oxidizer (equipment used in industrial environmental systems)
T/OTop Offer
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In addition, in accordance with its strategy, Restamax expects the group's turnover to increase and profitability to remain on a good level in both segments in the 2018 financial year.
During the 11 months of this year, Tajikistan's foreign trade turnover amounted to about $ 3.
Group-wise, turnover in production of capital products increased by 32.
The total calendar-adjusted industrial turnover index grew by 20.
Commenting on the survey, Head of Financial Markets Mark Perry said: "The appreciation of the New Zealand dollar accounts for around two-thirds of the increase in foreign exchange turnover (which is measured in USD terms).
Muscat: The Muscat Securities Market (MSM) has achieved a marked growth in turnover, with the local bourse crossing the entire 2012 turnover of OMR1.
Month-on-month, domestic manufacturing turnover shrunk by 2% and turnover generated abroad -- by 4%.
The highest (single-side) daily trading turnover was $400.
The Day-to-Day Reality of Teacher Turnover in Preschool Classrooms: An Analysis of Classroom Context and Teacher, Director, and Parent Perspectives--Cassidy, Lower, Kintner-Duffy, Hegde, & Shim
ISTANBUL, Feb 24, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's top ten construction firms's total turnover rose to 12.
8 April 2010 - French poultry producer LDC has recorded a turnover of 660.
This situation has not helped the industry in maintaining a steady workflow or aid the industry in reducing the stigma attached to it by people as an industry with high employee turnover rate.