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TURPSTerrestrial Unattended Reactor Power System
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For certain services, including gastric and pancreatic cancer surgery, abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, pediatric cardiac surgery, TURP, and AIDS care, the evidence of the volume-outcome relationship is strong.
Most studies on the effect of the use of irrigating fluid on core body temperature have been in the field of TURPs. Indeed hypothermia was first recognised following TURP in 1962 (Rabke et al 1962).
Although Medicare TURPs represent 13 percent of practice revenues, TURP utilization appeared largely insensitive to the declining fees.
Probably the best example is the well-known work being done on informed choice for transurethral prostatectomies (TURPS).
The court was told Begg ripped open his sofa, doused it with turps and set it alight in the living room.
But Glass was this week still posting videos about the benefits of drinking essential oil turps.
"The fluid smelt like petrol or turps and I wouldn't expect something like that to be in a phone case.
We would laugh as the emulsion spattered on our hair, have fun matching up the wallpaper, and maybe even playfully splash turps as we cleared up together.
The admission didn't just rub salt into the wounds it poured vinegar into the gaping sores along with a dash of turps and chilli powder.
PGTs had performed a median of 200 (range: 50-1000) cystoscopies, 50 (range: 10-125) TURBTs, 30 (range: 0-100) TURPs, 5 (range: 0-50) laser prostatectomies, and 50 (range: 2-125) ureteroscopies before this OSCE.
Afterwards stay-at-home dad Richard found an empty bottle of turps and a burnt tea towel nearby.
Gordon claimed he saw Tiffin in the kitchen with a bottle which he thought could have been turps. He said: "He poured it on Jason's face and body and some on the floor and some in the bin.