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TWATrans World Airlines
TWATime Weighted Average
TWAThe World Academy (Elizabeth, NJ)
TWAThe White Album (The Beatles album)
TWAT-Wave Alternans (marker of cardiac electrical instability)
TWATibetan Women's Association (est. 1959)
TWAThe Word Alive (band)
TWATexas Wildlife Association
TWATask Work Area
TWATransaction Work Area
TWAThe Wine Advocate (consumer advice publication)
TWATexas Works Advisor
TWATappers with Attitude
TWATotal Water Available
TWATaxi Workers Alliance
TWATemporary Work Assignment
TWAThree Word Abbreviation
TWATraveling Wave Amplifier
TWATranscontinental and Western Airlines
TWATwo Way Alternate
TWATexas Wrestling Alliance
TWATeeny Weeny Afro (hair style)
TWATraveling with Angels (airline slogan)
TWATrouble Went Away
TWATrailing Wire Antenna
TWAThird World Assassin
TWATransaction Work Area (CICS)
TWATokyo Worldwide Agency (Japan)
TWATotal Weighted Average (permissible exposure limit; Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
TWAThird Wave Advertising
TWATexas Wrestling Association
TWATwo-Way Alternating
TWATransfer Writing Assessment (test)
TWAThink Before Reading; Think While Reading; Think After Reading
TWATeen Wrestling Association
TWAThin-Wire Antenna
TWATransborder Wildlife Association
TWATail Wire Antenna
TWAThree Word Acronym
TWATime-Weighted Authority
TWATigrai Women's Association
TWAToday Was Awful
TWATurbocharger Wastegate Actuator
TWATravelling Wave Analysis
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The TWA Hotel project was achieved through a public-private partnership on a six-acre site in the center of JFK Airport, which serves approximately 63 million passengers a year and 1,300 flights daily.
Mohammad Naveed Malik Senior Vice President, Nisar Ahmed Mirza Vice President ICCI, Zubair Ahmed Malik Chairman Founder Group and others also spoke at the occasion and congratulated the newly elected President Altaf Shah and other office bearers of TWA Sitara Market.
Rinchen Khando, founding president of TWA, said, "March 12 is the Women's Uprising in Tibet in 1959, so we are commemorating that day.
Morse envisions a return to glory when the TWA Hotel opens in 2019 in the old terminal.
Plans also call for a restaurant and bar to be built inside the fuselage of a restored Lockheed Super Constellation, a four-engine, prop-driven passenger aircraft that was the backbone of the TWA fleet during the 1950s and 1960s.
Onda li tandi ipula kutya ngiika okwa li a zala omakende ngoka haga mono ko uusiku, molwashoka andola okwe shi pondola ngiini oku tu kwatha sho twa li tatu li iikulya yetu.
Leyard and Planar will showcase the Leyard TWA Series at InfoComm 2016 in a massive 8K installation of 64 individual Leyard TWA Series 1.2 millimeter pixel pitch displays.
Mad Men's John Hamm (actor Don Draper) is rumoured to be keen to track down the kit that honors TWA after the airline featured in the 1960s-based TV series.
The planned airline, backed by local joint venture TWA Thailand (of which TWA holds 49% and a private Thai investor 51%), would, in a first step, offer charter flights linking Bangkok and Phuket with destinations in southern China starting from the end of 2015, local media reported.
This significant change in the civil airline field harbors a bitter truth: American Airlines, which acquired TWA in 2001, demonstrably and deliberately ignored 80 Israeli employees who operated flights in Israel, and were fired immediately after TWA was acquired.
The T-wave alternans (TWA) has been considered as one of the most promising markers of sudden cardiac death (SCD) over the past 10 years.
We collected longitudinal arterial blood gas and hourly oxygenation data from intensive care unit charts in a consecutive cohort of 40 trauma, 41 medical and 20 surgical patients for their first seven MV days, analysed data for 14,063 MV hours, and derived time-weighted averages (TWA) of variables for each 24-hour interval on MV for all patients.