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TWAIN[not an acronym; scanner interface spec/standard] (Popular meaning: Technology without an Interesting Name)
TWAINTechnology Without An Important Name (humor)
TWAINTool without an Interesting Name
TWAINTool Without an Important Name
TWAINTechnology Without Acronyms Is Nothing
TWAIN[not an acronym; scanner interface spec/standard] (Popular meaning: Toolkit without an Important Name)
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But, last in the procession, came Matthew Maule, gnashing his teeth, as if he would have bitten his own heart in twain,--the darkest and wofullest man that ever walked behind a corpse
The twain cantered along for some time without speech, Tess as she clung to him still panting in her triumph, yet in other respects dubious.
Truly, if this twain are to be judged by their voices, no two peas were ever more alike.
And now the old ballad telleth of a wondrous thing that happened, for thus it says, that each dog so shot at leaped lightly aside, and as the arrow passed him whistling, caught it in his mouth and bit it in twain.
I had hoped," said Alleyne, falling into the humor of the twain, "that a tranchoir of bread and a draught of milk might be attached to it.
Alleyne sat between them munching his bread, while the twain disputed across his knees, leaning forward with flushed faces and darting hands, in all the heat of argument.
By good fortune, the wood was so light and rotten that it went to a thousand splinters, but Alleyne thought it best to leave the twain to settle the matter at their leisure, the more so as the sun was shining brightly once more.
Empty are still many sites for lone ones and twain ones, around which floateth the odour of tranquil seas.
It was well he made him hear his voice, or Hugh, with his uplifted axe, would have cleft his skull in twain.
And then the old man clasped his hands above her head, and said, in a few broken words, that from that time forth they would wander up and down together, and never part more until Death took one or other of the twain.
The event took place two days before the 180th anniversary of his birth, with subsequent celebrations planned for the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Conn.
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