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TWAIN[not an acronym; scanner interface spec/standard] (Popular meaning: Technology without an Interesting Name)
TWAINToolkit without An Important Name
TWAINTechnology without An Interesting Name
TWAINTechnology Without An Important Name (humor)
TWAINTool without an Interesting Name
TWAINTool Without an Important Name
TWAIN[not an acronym; scanner interface spec/standard] (Popular meaning: Toolkit without an Important Name)
TWAINTechnology Without Acronyms Is Nothing
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As for Ballerini, Twain finds her "sweet," "humble" and "talented.
Zacks, tongue planted firmly in cheek, points out that the archives of the Mark Twain Project at Berkeley is only missing what Twain ate for breakfast on September 28, 1873.
Facebook friends post Twain "quotations" all the time, and more often than not, they are things that Twain did not say.
Twain wrote in his notebook in 1898, "If I cannot swear in heaven I shall not stay there," and for a split second I wondered if it was him.
No two men captured the zeitgeist of Gilded Age America more than Mark Twain, the cultural icon, and Theodore Roosevelt, the political one, claims the author in this dual biography and narrative history of 1890-1910.
Gary Scharnhorst's Twain in His Own Time offers a valuable resource for scholars and general readers seeking a handy anthology of first-person accounts of encounters with the great Mark Twain.
Independent software vendor of TWAIN scanning libraries and revision control systems Dynamsoft Corporation, which has extended its version control cloud service to TFS hosted, announced on Wednesday that it has released a new web browser plugin, Dynamic Web TWAIN 7.
Twain complained that the 1,700 people at his hourlong performance in Mechanics Hall were "the staidest, puritanical people you ever saw.
In fact, the young Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain was his pen name.
THE TOPIC: An autobiography, Mark Twain writes, " .
Lecky, Herbert Spencer, and Leslie Stephen--although he might profitably have cited Robert Ingersoll, the leading freethinker of the nineteenth century, greatly admired by Twain for his oratory and his anti-religious writing, and more influential on Twain's religious skepticism than many Twain critics have yet acknowledged.
Dynamsoft, a developer of TWAIN controls and components, today announced the addition of its .