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TWEEDTerrorism in Western Europe: Events Data (Jan Oskar Engene research)
TWEED200-West area Engineering and Environmental Distributive processing system (Hanford)
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Monk, always circumspect, stopped where he was, and placed his general quarters at Coldstream, on the Tweed.
But between these fires and the abbey extended the Tweed, unfolding its luminous scales beneath the thick shade of tall green oaks.
The arrangements made, the aid-de-camp wished the fishermen good-night, calling to their notice that they might see from the door of the tent the masts of their bark, which was tossing gently on the Tweed, a proof that it had not yet sunk.
This figure was clad in tweeds of a piebald check, with a pink tie, a sharp collar and protuberant yellow boots.
That is your old mistake, Muscari," said the man in tweeds, shaking his head; "and the mistake of Italy.
There was no chance of either of us forgetting that peculiar ruddy tweed suit--the very one which he had worn on the first morning that we had seen him in Baker Street.
He was followed by a tall young man in a grey tweed suit and a straw hat on which were the colours of a famous cricket club.
The moody man-servant, with his monstrous black gloves, was almost a nightmare; Royce, the secretary, was solid enough, a big bull of a man, in tweeds, with a short beard; but the straw-coloured beard was startlingly salted with grey like the tweeds, and the broad forehead was barred with premature wrinkles.
He left off his clerical attire during the holidays and had been seen in Switzerland in gay tweeds.
Tweed, 60, is an actress and model born in Newfoundland, Canada.
Far from going down the traditional tweed jacket and pearls look she was rocking a tweed biker style at the L'Oreal fashion show in Paris on Sunday.
There's been a transition from formal styles to more contemporary attire with a quirky twist - think Vivienne Westwood's signature tweed bags or her iconic Westwood armour tweed jacket.