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TWICETEG (Test Element Group) with Image Contrast Enhancing
TWICETheft Warning Integrated Central Electronics
TWICEThis Week in Consumer Electronics
TWICETwo Way Interactive Connections in Education (videoconferencing; Michigan)
TWICETheft Warning Integrated Control Electronics (Saab)
TWICEThe Women in Technology Computer Engineering (Ohio State University)
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You have twice been ordered to retreat, and you..."
SOCRATES: Therefore the double line, boy, has given a space, not twice, but four times as much.
SOCRATES: Good; and is not a space of eight feet twice the size of this, and half the size of the other?
SOCRATES: But it ought to have been twice only, as you will remember.
that is only a matter of habit; if you get into the habit of being quick it is just as easy as being slow; easier, I should say; in fact it don't agree with my health to be hulking about over a job twice as long as it need take.
Having in this chapter twice mentioned a drum, a word which our posterity, it is hoped, will not understand in the sense it is here applied, we shall, notwithstanding our present haste, stop a moment to describe the entertainment here meant, and the rather as we can in a moment describe it.
Here he had been blowing and bragging about his grand meat-feast twice a year, and his fresh meat twice a month, and his salt meat twice a week, and his white bread every Sunday the year round -- all for a family of three; the entire cost for the year not above 69.2.6 (sixty-nine cents, two mills and six milrays), and all of a sudden here comes along a man who slashes out nearly four dollars on a single blow-out; and not only that, but acts as if it made him tired to handle such small sums.
Glumdalclitch kept one in her chamber, and a master attended twice a-week to teach her: I called it a spinet, because it somewhat resembled that instrument, and was played upon in the same manner.
Twice he stretched out his foot, and twice he failed to reach the point at which he aimed, but even as he swung himself for a third effort a stone from a sling buzzed like a wasp from amid the rocks and struck him full upon the side of his head.
The federation is urging the government to consider indexing pensions twice a year, in April and October, from 2021, said Barca.
The changes, including adding the FDA's most prominent Boxed Warning, were made after the agency reviewed interim data from an ongoing clinical trial assessing the safety of 5 mg and 10 mg twice daily doses of tofacitinib in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
In a statement posted in TWICE's official fan page, JYP Entertainment -- the group's management -- revealed that Mina is "currently struggling with sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing on stage."