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2DSecond District (police; Washington, DC)
2DDua Dimensi (Indonesian: Two-Dimensional)
2D2 Dents (Gorillaz vocalist)
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Today, I think, any artist who uses a two-dimensional support is clearly aware of a series of limitations implicit in it, an awareness that post-Cubist artists lacked.
By using the AFM tip to make local measurements outside the channel, while simultaneously using coarser electrodes to monitor the overall current through the material, Westervelt and his coworkers imaged flow across the two-dimensional gas with remarkable precision.
In this two-dimensional image, particle sizes are seen to range from a few micrometers up to about 300 [micro]m (a somewhat wider range than that observed for the cement particles.
Up until this year, the company concentrated on high-quality, two-dimensional (2D) seismic data.
Veritec manufactures and sells two-dimensional matrix software and systems under the VeriCode[R] and VSCode[R] trademark.
These 29 articles describe the most up-to-date methods of researchers in plant proteomics, concentrating not only on standard procedures such as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis but also on improvements such as immobilized pH gradients (IPG).
Even though spheres and tori sit in three-dimensional space, mathematicians focus on their surfaces and so view them as two-dimensional, unlike solid balls and filled-in doughnuts, which are three-dimensional.
It is a two-dimensional intensity pattern derived from the interaction of an electron beam with a three-dimensional object.
Each drawing is usually done by hand and, because of its two-dimensional nature, limited in its scope.
Up until now, the company has concentrated on high-resolution, two-dimensional seismic data onshore the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast.
Using specialized software, readily available camera phones are transformed into code readers which can read postage-stamp sized two-dimensional data-matrix codes simply by aiming the phone's camera at them.
of Nevada Los Vegas) and Heinrich (engineering, U, of new Mexico) cover the method of weighted residuals and Galerkin approximations, the finite element methods in one dimension, the two- dimensional triangular element, two-dimensional quadrilateral element, isoparametric two-dimensional elements, three-dimensional elements, finite elements in solid mechanics, and applications to convective transport and viscous fluid flow.
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