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2DSecond District (police; Washington, DC)
2DDua Dimensi (Indonesian: Two-Dimensional)
2D2 Dents (Gorillaz vocalist)
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The presentation was created in the same two-dimensional grid, using computer-simulated "social networks".
Due to this local increase in supersaturation, these points act as centers of repeated two-dimensional nucleation for growth fronts, which spread and pile upon one another to produce the hillocks.
The square is two-dimensional object--a subset of all of two-dimensional space--and includes both the interior and the boundary.
Two-dimensional bar codes are omni-directional, meaning that, unlike 1D bar codes, they can be scanned from any direction.
Previously, cells had been developed in a two-dimensional laboratory dish, but the Melbourne scientists use a chamber - essentially an empty box - to implant a blood vessel using microsurgery, The Australian reports.
Further, by scanning the two-dimensional code on the tag with a camera phone, the actual location and conditions of an injured person can be provided.
There are jobs in video game animation at a time when traditional two-dimensional animation is dying down.
Analysis over several regions with alternating wire strip orientation provides a two-dimensional beam profile.
The proposed guidance would replace the current commercial loan classification system categories--"special mention," "substandard," and "doubtful"--with a two-dimensional framework.
The best way to understand my point is to compare how a professional baseball game looks on a television screen, from a two-dimensional perspective that mostly shows a pitcher versus a batter, and then from the three-dimensional view of a box seat, where you can also see the coaches giving their signs, the fielders positioning themselves and the base runners taking their leads.
In a study of 10 patients with a mean left ventricular ejection fraction of 35%, 3D echo measurements were consistently superior by several criteria to one- and two-dimensional views.
During the last 15 years, design has progressed from two-dimensional to three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) for large projects.
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