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The implementation detail of two-phase I/O is described in Section 3.
Two-phase I/O is the de facto collective I/O algorithm [9].
The fermentation broth was taken from one homogeneous batch and from each phase of aqueous two-phase system batch after 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 hrs.
Catabolic repression in Bacilli fermentations will be reduced due to the partitioning of substrate and product in the two-phase system.
Since the correction factor for [DELTA][P.sup.'.sub.fl], as proposed by Equation (8), has been developed for the annular two-phase flow of gas nonNewtonian liquid, it will not be applicable in the present case.
(1995) based on their experimental data for air water two-phase flow in horizontal helicoidal pipes and by incorporating the Froude number, Fr, a new correlation was developed by adding one factor to the Lockhart-Martinelli equation to account for the effect of the velocity of the liquid, expressed as:
The investigators used pilot-scale ice cream manufacturing techniques to prepare ice cream according to the two-phase process concept.
Ice cream produced by the two-phase process had good fat destabilization and slow meltdown with moderate overrun, suggesting that this technique can be successful in promoting desirable structure in ice cream formation without added emulsifier.
Existing two-phase flow books are typically specialized reviews, which were developed within specific science or engineering branches, rather than basic textbook.
The Two-Phase Flow: Theory and Applications textbook provides a unified treatment of the fundamental principles of two-phase flow.
The $1.1 million improvement project is being undertaken as part of a larger, two-phase renovation project to the adjacent Gateway Building, White Plains' premier office facility, and will provide additional parking for the building, in an attractive landscaped setting.
Boston Properties Chairman Mortimer Zuckerman said, through a spokesperson, that until the parties approve the two-phase plan he would not be looking at specific placement for the buildings.