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Yonemori, Screening for tyrosinase inhibitors among extracts of seashore plants and identification of potent inhibitors from Garcinia subelliptica.
Human studies indicate that Rumex occidentalis, a plant native to the northern Canadian Prairies region, slows down the activity of tyrosinase to treat different forms of hyperpigmentation.
Antioxidant property of glutathione allows it to inhibit melanin synthesis by quenching of free radicals and peroxides that contribute to activation of tyrosinase and formation of melanin.
Again, tyrosinase is a key enzyme in the synthesis of melanin and the inhibition of tyrosinase could be considered as a major therapeutic approach for the treatment of skin disorders (SD) (Loizzo et al.
Hydrogen peroxide as an inducer of elevated tyrosinase level in melanoma cells.
8] reported a dose-dependent proliferation of melanocytes in culture after 17[beta]-estradiol addition, despite a decrease of tyrosinase activity and melanin content, Hassan I et al.
The usefulness of tyrosinase in the immunohistochemical assessment of melanocytic lesions: a comparison of the novel T311 antibody (anti-tyrosinase) with S-100, HMB45 and A103 (anti-melanA).
Our previous in vitro study reported that (Z)-5-(2,4- dihydroxybenzylidene)thiazolidine-2,4-dione (MHY498) suppressed melanogenesis by directly inhibiting tyrosinase [12] and interfering with tyrosinase expression [13].
It also hinders tyrosinase activity, similar to HQ.
Clinically it is sub-categorized into OCA1A characterized by complete loss of tyrosinase activity and OCA1B characterized by reduced enzyme activity4.
Lee, "Amperometric phenol biosensor based on covalent immobilization of tyrosinase on Au nanoparticle modified screen printed carbon electrodes," Talanta, vol.
It is quite surprising that betulinic acid does not possess a dihydroxybenzene moiety, which is so prevalent in other tyrosinase inhibitors; for example, resveratrol has shown potent inhibitory effect on melanin synthesis via reduction in tyrosinase-related protein 2 among melanogenic enzymes.