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TYRTyrosine (Amino Acid)
TYRTyrone (Amtrak station code; Tyrone, PA)
TYRTyrosinemia (types I, II and III)
TYRTen Year Review (various organizations)
TYRThe Young Riders (TV show)
TYRTyler, TX, USA - Pounds Field (Airport Code)
TYRTampereen Yliopiston Roolipelaajat (Finnish: Role-Players of Tampere University; Tampere, Finland)
TYRTyrolean Airways Austria (ICAO code)
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Albinism in the domestic cat (Felis eatus) is associated with a tyrosinase (TYR) mutation.
To further verify the control point of VZ-EO on B16 melanin production, we analyzed the protein expression of tyrosinase by western blot analysis, and the results are displayed in Figure 3(b).
Bacteria as a Source of Tyrosinase. Streptomyces tyrosinases are the most thoroughly characterized enzymes of bacterial origin [22, 23].
The tyrosinase inhibitory activity of the two NSS oil samples are presented in Table 3.
Prevention of Agaricus bisporus postharvest browning with tyrosinase inhibitors.
Intracellular tyrosinase activity assay was carried out according to previous literature with minor modification (22).
It is a weak, reversible, and competing tyrosinase inhibitor.
In previous reports, the inhibitory effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza and Carthamus tinctorius on tyrosinase has been validated [13-15]; however, the active constituents with tyrosinase inhibition activity have not been clearly reported yet.
Mushroom tyrosinase, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, and sodium dihydrogen phosphate were from Sigma-Aldrich (Saint Louis, MO, USA).
Reasons for its skin lightening effect include: its antioxidant properties, ability to switch eumelanin to pheomelanin which is the type of melanin found in lighter skin-toned individuals and the inhibitory effect it has on tyrosinase which is a key enzyme in melanogenesis.2