u-PAurokinase type plasminogen activator
u-PAurinary type plasminogen activator
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Spearman's rank test was used to determine the relationship between VEGF and NO and u-PA levels in breast cancer patients.
There was no significant difference in serum concentrations of VEGF, NO and u-PA between controls and patients with benign breast disease.
Serum VEGF concentrations were positively correlated with serum u-PA concentrations in the breast cancer patients (r = 0.
Elevated u-PA has been implicated in this invasive process (22).
Lower serum VEGF and u-PA concentrations in patients with bone metastasis may be related to less aggressive metastatic pattern of bone metastasis than that of visceral metastasis in breast cancer patients.
Serum concentrations of VEGF, NO and u-PA in controls and patients with benign breast disease and in pre-operative, post-operative and metastatic breast cancer Subjects (N) VEGF (pg/ml) Controls(20)122.
The significance of differences in t-PA, u-PA and PAI-1 secretion in response to various oil concentrations was assessed using the Statgraph Program student's two-tailed t-test, with p<0.
Effects of blackseed oil on the release of t-PA, u-PA and PAI-1 antigen
1a-c, increasing concentrations of oil caused significant, dose-dependent decreases in t-PA, u-PA and PAI-1 production by HT1080 fibrosarcoma cells in conditioned medium, as compared with control.
Confluent cultures: The levels of t-PA, u-PA and PAI-1-related antigen secretions were dramatically decreased by the oil, at concentrations between 0.
Therefore, the regulation of t-PA, u-PA and PAI-1 synthesis may be helpful in developing drugs to counteract insufficient endogenous t-PA, u-PA and PAI-1 by decreasing their production.
Also, the synthetic glucocorticoid dexamethasone (DEX) has a negative effect on u-PA expression by reducing the transcription rate in HT1080 cell line (Bulens et al.