uBIOUniversal Biological Indexer and Organizer
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UBIO seeks to provide 3x and ZBIO seeks to provide -3x the daily performance of the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, before fees and expenses.
(1) Fernando Leal Carretero, "Ubio regio eius ratio: notas para un concepto oportunista de region: regiones" en Revista interdisciplinaria de Estudios Regionales, num.
A key component of the uBio strategy for assembling a compilation of names has been to catalog names of genera.
The online version of Nomenclator Zoologicus was announced and made public in December 2004 via the uBio website (http://www.ubio.org) where the work was undertaken, and an email announcement was sent to the email-based list server TAXACOM, a biological systematic and biocollections discussion list.
We are developing innovative digitization services and important new research tools, including X-ID, an online taxonomic key, funded by the Jewett Foundation, and uBio, a network taxonomic name server funded by the Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation awarded two grants totaling $1,350,000: $850,000 to support research on nitrogen transformation in terrestrial landscapes conducted by The Ecosystems Center and $500,000 to launch the Universal Biological Indexer and Organizer (uBio), a database and internet tool to provide up-to-date biological information.