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UPGAUpper Peninsula Golf Association (US and Canada)
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A second noteworthy finding is that age moderates the relationship between UPGA and GGPA.
Had the 1950s leaders of Nigeria's West, East and MiddleBelt (Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, and Joseph Tarka)--whose partieslater formed the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA) in1964--glimpsed or understood the Caliphate's Nigeria Project,they would have seen reason to make a united escape from Caliphatecolonialism, instead of committing themselves to independence in anunexamined "One Nigeria", and allowing their peoples to beused serially against one another for the benefit of theCaliphate.
The resistance then took the form of the AG-NCNC-UMBC alliance, namedthe United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA), that unsuccessfullycontested the rigged December 1964 Federal elections against theCaliphate-led Nigerian National Alliance (NNA), and then the October1965 Western regional elections where the UPGAS Action Group (UG) viedwith the Caliphate-backed Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) ofSamuel L.
Significantly, the above cartoon is a propaganda tool by the UPGA using the Nigerian Tribune whose sympathy laid with the AG, against the NNDP led by Chief Akintola.
The campaigns leading to the elections were acrimonious and vengeful, resulting in coalition labels earlier itemised, that is, UPGA and NNDP.
Upon his being declared Premier, one of the things Akintola did was to deconstruct the UPGA alliance and paint the Igbo as having a disequilibrium advantage in the federal set-up, especially at the expense of the Yoruba.
I went to Omolewa Nursery and Primary School in Ibadan, after all the sojourn of my father politically where he was (reduced) to ground zero during the 'Operation Wet e' in the UPGA days.
Thus, two main political blocs emerged - the Nigerian National Alliance (NNA) which comprised the NPC and NNDP, as well as the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA) which had the NCNC and the rump of AG.
Leaders of other parties in the alliance are the defunct Action Group (AG); National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC); United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC) and the Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) formed the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA).
I grew to become the Publicity Secretary of UPGA National Vanguard; that was when the Action Group and the NCNC came together as UPGA.
Both of them sucked their differences and formed the United Progressives Grand Alliance (UPGA) Many of us benefited from this fraternity.'
In the United Progressives Grand Alliance (UPGA) were Awolowo's AG, NCNC, UMBC and so on.