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ULARUniversity Laboratory Animal Resources
ULARUltra-Low Anterior Resection
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San Beda's Calvin Oftana dishes off against Letran's Ato Ular at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay Saturday.
Finally, 35 patients were included in our study and were divided into two groups according to the type of operation they underwent for rectal cancer: 17 patients were categorized into the APR group and 18 patients into the uLAR group.
Ular and ATCC 7757 are illustrated in Figures 4(a) and 4(b), respectively.
tu ular Revell Ward already has a long-standing partnership with Huddersfield Town.
DAN -outrn ON Sho spectacu stalagmi through make fo 15km lon dinosaur Bone Cav YR-OGOF E of the natural wonders of Britain, the National owcaves Centre For Wales at Dan-yr-Ogof is a ular window back in time.
"Upon immediate inspection, the family seems to be reg= ular. Nothing special stands out," said a PA security source.
He said: "Why is it that the Hilton cannot accept partic- ular human beings based on where they come from?
Women's Business Network - Reg- ular monthly meeting with networking, buffet lunch and annual trade fair.
S&W's new one takes reg- ular 1911 magazines, and is made up of the best 1911 after-market parts on an in-house frame and slide.
She can hang, braided and disenchanted, with the hip-hop heads, but at the end of the day she leaves them behind and goes back to being a pop ular artist whose photos hang in major museums.
The ultraraw mise-en-scene of the former garage adjacent to Kasmin's reg ular exhibition space pumped up the volume of arty dereliction.
The Swedish company has incorporated Children's IKEA into its reg- ular IKEA stores, moving the children's merchandise from its showroom to a separate, more expansive area.