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Among 132 of the diseased patients selected, 52 had stones (6 suffering with Ca-Oxalate crystals, 39 suffering from struvite and rest of the 7 with mixed crystalline matrix) as shown in Table (1).Agreement between all the 6 diagnostic tests (viz., urinalysis, hyperkalemia, clinical signs, radiography, serum cortisol levels and ultrasonography) was shown in Table (2).
The present study evaluated the significance of the contralateral testis size measurement with the aid of ultrasonography in predicting M in boys with nonpalpable testicles, and found that the median contralateral testicular diameter to be significantly high in M compared to that in boys with NPIAT and PUDT.
However, among them 37 (38%) were originally multinodular by ultrasonography. Similarly, study by Marqusee E et al shows faulty diagnosis of multinodular lesion with solitary nodule in 22% of cases.
Endometrial polyps were found in 8 cases by 4D ultrasonography which was confirmed by hysteroscopy (positive agreement), and 4D ultrasonography diagnosed 42 cases as being normal which also agreed with hysteroscopy; only 2 cases were positive for the presence of polyps by hysteroscopy and they were diagnosed as free by 4D ultrasonography (Table 3).
In recent years, there have been many reports of the evaluation of MME by ultrasonography, and it has been found that MME on ultrasonography can show the progress of knee osteoarthritis, similar to MME evaluation by MRI [7,10].
The TCS was infrequently reported on, therefore we included patients with absence of a gall bladder on ultrasonography as possibly having biliary atresia.
Ultrasonography should be used as a first-line investigation because it is readily available, highly specific, noninvasive, and cost-effective, and it can be used in the presence of acute infection.
In all five HT patients, neck ultrasonography showed that both thyroid lobes were enlarged, lobulated contoured, and with many scattered microcalcifications in four of the patients (cases 1-4) (Figure 1).
Focused medical ultrasonography education is becoming integrated into many physician residency training programs.
Angiography, ultrasonography, CT, and MRI are the common diagnostic modalities.
Key words: hepatomegaly, ovarian tumor, 3-dimensional ultrasonography, avian, common mynah, Acridotheres tristis