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UMUSUnited Methodist Urban Services (Boston, MA)
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Excavations recovered 24 volcanic glass artefacts in Component 1; however, only one of these artefacts was found in association with the umus. This suggests that volcanic glass was associated with activities other than cooking on the site.
The two umus and sooted pottery associated with this earliest component indicate that food production was taking place; however, what was being cooked is unknown.
Umus pasyviojo rukymo poveikis sveikoms moterims buvo teigiamai susijes su sistolinio ir diastolinio kraujospudzio bei sirdies susitraukimu daznio padidejimu (Yarlioglues et al.
Clearway SF3 aplinkosauginiai duomenys: BDS5 <100 mg [O.sub.2]/g, ChDS--210 mg [O.sub.2]/g, umus toksiskumas didziajai dafnijai (Daphnia Magna)--6,25 mg/l, umus toksiskumas zuvims [LC.sub.50] (48 h)--4,12 mg/l, umus oralinis toksiskumas ziurkems [LD.sub.50]--11,20 mg/l (De-icers 2009).