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The overstatement is computed as the unadjusted growth rate minus the adjusted rate.
2m and an unadjusted pre-tax profit of pounds 101,000.
In unadjusted analysis by quintile of each measure, all LDL measures were associated with hypertension, as shown in Table 2.
For comparison, the unadjusted February 2011 NICS figure of 1,463,138 is an increase of 18.
The following tables are appended: (1) Public Higher Education Revenue Data FY 1995 to FY 2009--Data for Chart 1A & 1C; Ohio Public Higher Education Unadjusted Revenue Data FY 1995 to FY 2009--Data for Chart 1B; (2) Ohio/US Ratios of Total Revenue, Appropriations, and Tuition per FTE--Data for Chart 2; (3) Public FTE Enrollment and Total Educational Appropriations--Data for Chart 3; (4) Tuition as % of Total Revenues, Ohio and U.
The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development announced yesterday that the August seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates were down in all of the state's 22 labor market areas.
By contrast, there were 147 unintended pregnancies per 1,000 sexually active young women in the 15-17 age group-over three times higher than the unadjusted number and over double the national average of 69 per 1,000 for all women.
February is typically the month of the year with the lowest retail sales when looking at the unadjusted index, mainly because it is the shortest month, Statistics Denmark said.
For years prior to 2009, where annual data for all four quarters are available, the derived seasonally adjusted quarters are controlled to the sum of the unadjusted quarters.
So to compare figures even farther back, the department uses seasonally unadjusted numbers.
Appliance and electronics retailers served as a bright spot, logging year-over-year unadjusted gains of 4.