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Any ANVIS turned into an unauthorized program must be reinspected by a qualified inspector to ensure the -10/20 standards are met.
Password-protected files: These can be used to protect spreadsheets, for example, from unauthorized access.
The guidance provides that "when a financial institution becomes aware of an incident of unauthorized access to sensitive customer information, the institution should conduct a reasonable investigation to promptly determine the likelihood that the information has been or will be misused.
Those threats include the hacking of the port that can take a device down, existing services that allow unauthorized access (such as telnet, ftp, http and others), hidden services that create a back door around a secure IP configuration, OS imperfections, IP port connection hijacking that causes a denial of service attack, and more.
Billions of dollars are lost each year to fraudulent checks and unauthorized electronic payments in the U.
BIO HAZARDS: The threat of a bio-based terrorist attack or even unauthorized access by individuals with communicable diseases, remains a high concern of owners of shopping, office, and industrial complexes.
This highly desirable access can also make it easier for unauthorized individuals or organizations to connect to a nursing home's computer system.
The controls relate, for example, to preventing an entity from incurring unauthorized investments, making unauthorized expenditures, incurring unauthorized liabilities, having inventory stolen or detecting such events in a timely manner.
Continuous Change Detection - Unlike products that take periodic "snapshots" of monitored systems, Active Reasoning System 5 offers realtime detection, logging and alerting of unauthorized changes and out-of-compliance actions to facilitate remediation.
5 million unauthorized alien residents as of January 2011, up from 8.
Interception and unauthorized monitoring of wireless traffic
Effective July 1, entities or persons doing business in California will be required to notify California residents if their personal information--contained in databases under their control--may have been acquired by unauthorized people through a security breach.