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UNBUniversity of New Brunswick
UNBUniversidade de Brasília (University of Brasilia)
UNBUnited News of Bangladesh (news agency)
UNBUnclassified News Board
UNBUnited National Bank (various locations)
UNBUniversité Nationale du Bénin (French: National University of Benin; est. 1962)
UNBUpper Newport Bay (estuary; California)
UNBUltra Narrowband (modulation)
UNBUnified North Bridge (computing)
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Samples are then incubated for 30 min in 450 [micro]L unbuffered assay medium (D7777, pH 7.4; Sigma-Aldrich, St.
This is part and parcel of our efforts to transform online experiences in every part of the Sultanate, which has allowed millions to leverage the benefits of unbuffered and limitless internet."
We see customers responding most to a combination of premium content, unbuffered seamless viewing supported by technology innovations and personalised, regionalised experience which we've been able to deliver as a result of our eight years of consumer insights.
In the authors' earlier works [13, 14], the concept of a new lead time has been introduced, namely, actively synchronized replenishment lead time (ASRLT), which was proposed by Ptak and Smith [1], in which ASRLT is defined as "the longest unprotected or unbuffered sequence in the BOM for a particular parent." The strategic inventory positioning (SIP) problem is to determine the locations which hold WIP inventory in order to meet the lead time the customer requires for the final product, while minimizing the total inventory holding cost.
Exchangeable acidity was extracted using unbuffered 1M KCl.
The use of saline (unbuffered) likely caused the pH to change after the addition of our conjugate.
Deslauriers, "Pain comparison of unbuffered versus buffered lidocaine in local wound infiltration," Journal of Emergency Medicine, vol.
The bound dye was extracted using 10 mM unbuffered Tris and optical density was measured at 564 nm with an ELISA plate reader (FLASH Scan S12, Analytik Jena, Germany).
The use of topical, unbuffered 0.006% sodium hypochlorite in the management of burn wound infection.
The backwater wetlands sampled were connected directly to the main river channel and are subject to unbuffered hydrologic variation, wave action, and other perturbations as the main river channel.
* Only an unbuffered viewing experience is acceptable.