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Respondent conditioning basically involves the contiguous pairing of the eliciting unconditioned stimulus with some other neutral stimulus called the conditioned stimulus.
The time interval between the conditioned and the unconditioned stimulus was set to be longer than the latency time of the skin response, so the conditioned response could appear before the unconditioned stimulus.
The unconditioned stimulus (US) was an electric shock (50 V AC) applied to the grid floor for 2 s.
The conditioned stimulus is a particular--kind of activity in which the child has been indulging; the unconditioned stimulus is the slap, or whatever constitutes the punishment in this case, and the response is the pain and fear produced in the young child.
For Pavlov, learning was stimulus substitution; the conditioned stimulus (CS) substituted for the unconditioned stimulus (UCS).
Encoding of the unconditioned stimulus in Pavlovian conditioning.
This debate is especially vivid in the domain of Pavlovian conditioning, when the association between an Unconditioned Stimulus (US) and a Conditioned Stimulus (CS) formed by several stimuli, is compared to the association acquired by each of its components.
edible as an unconditioned stimulus and praise as a conditioned stimulus) while requiring the participant to continuously look at the various visual stimuli on the pages for the specified time interval.
shock) can transfer through relations to evoke responding to stimuli never directly paired with the unconditioned stimulus (Dougher, Augustson, Markham, Greenway, and Wulfert, 1994) as well as that sexual excitation (Roche & Barnes, 1997), preference for soft drinks (Barnes-Holmes, Keane, Barnes-Holmes, & Smeets, 2000; Smeets & Barnes-Holmes, 2003), and mood states (Barnes-Holmes, Barnes-Holmes, Smeets, & Luciano, 2004) transfer or transform throughout equivalence classes or derived relations.
These neurons responded to both a conditioned stimulus, in this case a novel saccharine solution, and an unconditioned stimulus, in the form of lithium chloride that made rats sick.
Abbreviations: CR, conditioned response; CS, conditioned stimulus; EPSP, excitatory postsynaptic potential; IPSP, inhibitory postsynaptic potential; UR, unconditioned response; US, unconditioned stimulus.
a light or sound cue) with the unconditioned stimulus (US) (e.