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UNFUniversity of North Florida
UNFUnified National Fine Thread (tools)
UNFUnited Nations Foundation
UNFUniFirst Corporation (stock symbol; Wilmington, MA)
UNFUngdomens Nykterhetsförbund
UNFUngdommens Naturvidenskabelige Forening (Denmark)
UNFUnited Nations Fund
UNFUnified National Fine
UNFUwharrie National Forest (North Carolina)
UNFUnified Fine Thread
UNFUmpqua National Forest (Oregon)
UNFUnité de Neuroimagerie Fonctionnelle (French: Functional Neuroimaging Unit; Canada)
UNFUniform National Fine (screw thread)
UNFUnreasonable Forward Sequence Counter Indicator Bit
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Buttler told E&MJ the new wireless sensors, fitted close to the underflow discharge, "listen" to the noise produced by the flow.
Since the change of z with a big value is large after w is embedded into z, which may degrade severely the image imperceptibility and cause easily the situation of overflow and underflow, thus a compression operation on z should be made to decrease the change.
The phenomenon, mainly due to the slurry concentration, changed the amount of solid particles in liquid ratio; increasing concentration significantly improves the overflow and underflow concentration at the same time, and it has the largest influence on overflow concentration.
Hence, when the exponent range and precision correspond to one of the three floating-point formats supported by UCBTEST, compatibility is guaranteed with the UCBTEST suite of programs, if a minor update in the notation for the underflow exception is taken into account.
This involve shutting down the flow of a thickener, opening the underflow cage, and physically switching orifice plates.
Possibly w (i) / W may underflow for some i, but this is ordinarily irrelevant if the computations are properly arranged.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication and erection of square shape lounder after dismantling of existing old & damaged lounder at 0-0 level of 426 belt conveyor underflow of sec- I in HY.
Volcan currently processed the decanter underflow through a three-stage CCD circuit and is adding fourth and fifth stages (CCD 4 and CCD 5) to improve the recovery of dissolved metal.
The motivation behind the startup phase is to quickly fill up the buffer without risking underflow.
15 mm from the clean coal classifying cyclones are discarded as waste along with the underflow streams from the fine wire sieves and the refuse high-frequency screen.
The screen underflow was then pumped through a Met Pro Stack-Pro dewatering cyclone for thickening and primary de-clay purposes.
Drilling fluid is processed through a bank of twelve 4-inch hydrocyclones, which are independently ported, to add in separation with minimal underflow and high efficiency, rated at 780 gpm.