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"You have plenty to do trying to rule your underground kingdom."
This same Belt had once enabled Roquat the Red to carry out many wicked plans; but that was before Ozma and her people marched to the underground cavern and captured it.
"Yes, but I knew that all that existed and that there was nothing supernatural about that underground lake and boat.
But I can't do it, I can't do it!...I know one ought to be sorry for people who live underground....But he is too horrible!
"To begin with," said he, "word came to our noble and illustrious Ruler, Ozma of Oz, that the wife and ten children--five boys and five girls--of the former King of Ev, by name Evoldo, have been enslaved by the Nome King and are held prisoners in his underground palace.
"For the reason that we often steal his treasures," continued Ozma, "the Ruler of the Underground World is not fond of those who live upon the earth's surface, and never appears among us.
"It's an underground passage all right," said Professor Bumper eagerly; "and not a natural one, either.
"Sometimes, he says, there is a secret way of opening stone doors in these underground caves.
He soon grew to love me, and for thirty-nine days we spent as pleasant an existence as could be expected underground.
Then, fearing to be punished as his murderer by the unhappy father, I raised the great stone which blocked the staircase, and quitting the underground chamber, made everything fast as before.
Such of them as were so constituted as to be miserable and rebellious would die; and, in the end, the balance being permanent, the survivors would become as well adapted to the conditions of underground life, and as happy in their way, as the Upper-world people were to theirs.
There are a whole series of rooms deep underground. One of them in particular struck me.
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