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UTUtah (US postal abbreviation)
UTUniversity of Tennessee
UTUniversity of Texas
UTUniversity of Tampa (Florida)
UTUniversity of Toledo (Ohio)
UTUniversity of Toronto
UTUniversal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)
UTUndertale (gaming)
UTUnreal Tournament (game)
UTUrban Terror (Quake III Arena modification)
UTUp Time
UTUnion Tribune (San Diego, CA newspaper)
UT(San Diego) Union Tribune (the Copley Newspaper known as the "U-T")
UTUltrasonic Testing
UTUse Tax
UTUtility Vehicle
UTUrinary Tract
UTUniversity of Twente (Netherlands)
UTUma Thurman (actress)
UTUnion Territory (India)
UTUndertaker (pro wrestler)
UTUniversiteit Twente
UTUniversity of Tokyo
UTUniversity of Tehran
UTUniversity of Tartu (Estonia)
UTUnited States to United Kingdom (routing designation; US Navy)
UTUnit Test
UTUnited Together
UTUnderwriters' Laboratories
UTUnified Theory
UTUtility Player (baseball)
UTUniversal Translator (Internet)
UTUser Testing
UTUmbilical Tower (US NASA)
UTUpper Troposphere
UTUniversité de Technologie (French: University of Technology)
UTUltrasonic Transducer
UTUser Test
UTUser Terminal
UTUrinetown (musical)
UTUniversity of Trento (Trento, Italy)
UTUnfinished Tales (book by JRR Tolkien)
UTUbiquitous They (comedy troupe; Seattle, WA)
UTUnauthorized Trading
UTUpper Tester
UTUnique Tech (Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion, Microsoft game)
UTUncollected Tax (on tip wages; IRS)
UTUnexcused Tardy
UTUnit Trainer
UTUnité Technique (French: Technical Unit)
UTUnterer Totpunkt (German: Bottom Dead Center)
UTUtopia Temple
UTUber Tristram (gaming, Diablo II)
UTUtah Ordnance Plant (Cartridge Headstamp)
UTUlstein Trading (Norway)
UTUnderway Trial
UTUnitrade Specialized Canada Catalog (philatelic catalog)
UT(USN Rating) Utilitiesman
UTUn-Authorized Traversal
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Well,' replied the undertaker, 'I was thinking that if I pay so much towards 'em, I've a right to get as much out of 'em as I can, Mr.
Bumble grasped the undertaker by the arm, and led him into the building.
The undertaker, who had just putup the shutters of his shop, was making some entries in his day-book by the light of a most appropriate dismal candle, when Mr.
Among the biggest names set to appear are The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ric Flair.
Summary: London [UK], Nov 2 (ANI): Porn star Jenna Jameson has recently revealed how The Undertaker once saved her from a keen fan, but then tried to "kidnap her.
A Greenwich, Connecticut undertaker, for example, advertised by the 1870s that in addition to supplying "caskets, robes, shrouds, and habits," he and his assistants were "now prepared at all hours, by day or night, to furnish everything pertaining to the laying out and burial of deceased persons, giving special attention to preserving and retaining the natural appearance, with or without the use of ice.
Among them was undertaker John Howson Smith from the Birkenhead firm Messrs Higgins & Smith.
It is my view that within a relatively short period of time an undertaker is at serious risk of being joined in the proceedings where somebody has died where a funeral is taking place as well as the family if they have failed to hire an undertaker who takes sufficient and adequate precautions to advise people passing the scene a funeral is taking place.
Tenders are invited for Undertaker Services for the Medical Examiner%s Office .
With its new Undertaker scrape starter, Apparition Scents has eliminated the need for a scrape dripper by combining a liquid deer lure with another key element of any natural scrape: real dirt.
com)-- The Undertaker will make his Wizard World debut at Austin Comic Con on Friday, October 3, as announced today by Wizard World, Inc.