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WQCWater Quality Certification
WQCWater Quality Criteria
WQCWorld Quality Commitment (convention)
WQCWales Quality Centre (UK)
WQCUnderwater Telephone
WQCArizona Water Quality Center (NSF)
WQCWeak Quantization Condition
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1981: Ken Barrington, Surrey batsman.This day in history 1891: The submarine, Monarch, laid the first underwater telephone cable.
The official explanation was that the boat had been snagged by an underwater telephone cable.
The facility was built about 100 years ago and a 30-kilometer underwater telephone cable was laid to the southern tip of Kunashiri Island.
Plans for an underwater telephone cable costing $84,000,000 and running between Hawaii and Japan, via Midway, Wake, and Guam islands, was announced by the American Telephone & Telegraph Company.
When a magnitude 7.2 earthquake rattled the Grand Banks (Newfoundland) coast in 1929, a number of underwater telephone and telegraph cables lying within 100 kilometers of the epicenter suddenly snapped.
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