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UWTUniversity of Washington Tacoma (est. 1990)
UWTUmmah Welfare Trust (UK charity)
UWTUnderground Warning Tape (polyethylene plastic non-adhesive tape)
UWTUnderwater Telephone
UWTUnderweight (finance)
UWTUmoja wa Wanawake wa Tanzania (Swahili: Union of Women of Tanzania)
UWTUniversity of the West Timisoara (Romania)
UWTUndersea Warfare Technology
UWTUnit Weapons Trainer
UWTUnitary Wind Tunnel
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That works out as the equivalent of one in every 37 new-borns in the area being born underweight, and the rate is deteriorating.
Other interventions are follow ups of all underweight children and their referrals for further assessment for social and medical services.
Official figures collected by the NHS show that 164 receptionyear children in the North East region, which usually means pupils aged four or five years old, were officially classed as underweight last year.
While the report suggests that underweight patients weren't sicker than the other children and young adults, they also faced a higher risk of fluid accumulation and all-stage acute kidney injury, compared with overweight children, study lead author Rajit K.
"Obesity gets the lion's share of the spodight, but there is a large and likely growing population of children who, for reasons left to be fully parsed out, are underweight," Dr.
The categories were underweight (BMI<18.5 kg/[m.sup.2]), normal weight (BMI 18.5-24.9 kg/[m.sup.2]), overweight (BMI 25.0-29.9 kg/[m.sup.2]), obese (classes I and II) (BMI 30-39.9 kg/[m.sup.2]), and morbidly obese (class III obesity) (BMI [greater than or equal to] 40).
Basic knowledge about stunted growth and being underweight can help alleviate these problems for future generations.
That works out as one in every 26 babies born after 37 weeks in Birmingham was underweight - one of the highest proportions in the country.
Keywords: Weight status, weight perception, underweight, overweight, prevalence.
A Women who've been underweight are more likely to have a premature menopause.
ISLAMABAD -- Children with a birth weight under 2.5 kgs may be at increased risk of becoming underweight and can experience cognitive difficulties as well as diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life, a study says.