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The risk in this environment is that underwriting, pricing and rating discipline will slip to meet revenue targets.
"Delegated Underwriting lets us serve targeted affordable borrowers by tapping more effectively into the delegated seller/servicers' capacity to originate and underwrite, in exchange for a risk-sharing relationship with us," said Griffith.
It is written on the assumption that you come to the work with some experience and knowledge of underwriting, that you have taken the requisite courses, that you understand wordings and coverage, and that you bring all of that background knowledge to the text.
Greystone will work to establish a correspondent relationship with that institution while continuing to follow the 3MaxExpress[TM] underwriting and servicing guidelines.
Components of the expense include the fronting fees to an issuing insurer, reinsurance (specific and aggregate), captive management fees, underwriting expenses, actuarial services, claims handling, taxes and loss-control services.
Other types of dividends also flow from underwriting. The agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland, a longtime funder now pumping $6.3 million a year into The News-Hour With Jim Lehrer on PBS, has gotten a high return on its investment.
By contrast, New York City-based WR Lazard--the largest black money manager with $2.8 billion invested--is growing its financial advisory and municipal bond underwriting areas.
By underwriting public TV, corporate entities can go beyond hawking products to espousing the economic models a corporation, by nature, favors.
Two separate lines on the graph show the relationship of underwriting results to the average prime rate.
It is an insurtech startup operating an artificial intelligence-powered platform that aims to transform commercial insurance underwriting. While the goal may seem ambitious, Cytora is making significant inroads toward improving underwriting - ultimately with happier insurance-buying customers.
While the p/c industry has reported three consecutive years of significant underwriting profits, the commercial auto market reported an underwriting loss for the fifth consecutive year in 2015.
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