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UCXUnemployment Compensation
UCXUnemployment Compensation for Ex-Servicemembers
UCXUrine Culture (medical sample)
UCXUniversal Communications X (software)
UCXUtility Contractors Xchange (Olathe, KS)
UCXUnified Communications Exchange (Internet communications service)
UCXUniversal Code Extension
UCXUltrix Communications Extensions
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The right side of equation 4 expresses the benefits associated with search intensity [Pi] as the sum of four terms: 1) -c([Pi]), the negative value of the search cost in the current period; 2) [Gamma], the unemployment compensation to be received in this period; 3) the present value from next period onwards of receiving a wage
That Canadian Unemployment compensation cuts are not a response to U.S.
The total unemployment rate triggers for emergency unemployment compensation Tiers 1, 2, 3, and 4 were modified.
Holding: The court rejected the taxpayer's argument, holding that Article XV was not applicable because unemployment compensation is not remuneration derived in respect of an employment.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR EARLY REPAYMENT: Any balance in the state's unemployment compensation fund above a maximum threshold is legally available to repay outstanding bonds, although such funds are not specifically pledged.
As part of that arrangement, the PEO also becomes responsible for the client's unemployment taxes, which go into a trust fund that pays out unemployment compensation to employees who lose their jobs.
The Sixth Circuit held that payments made by Quality Stores to its employees, which the parties had stipulated met the statutory definition of "supplemental unemployment compensation benefits," did not constitute "wages" subject to FICA taxation.
The state legislature is permitted to appropriate money to the state Unemployment Compensation Fund.
For further reading on the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's Economic Trends article "Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Long-term Unemployment" visit http://www.clevelandfed.org/research/trends/2011/1111/01labmar.cfm.
CASE FACTS: Upon termination of her employment as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Beaumont Retirement Home (Employer), Diane Bender (Claimant), filed a claim for unemployment compensation benefits.
WASHINGTON * With the median length of unemployment reaching 10 months and more than four job seekers for every opening, Congress must find ways to continue unemployment compensation to protect jobless workers and their families, said the chairman of the U.S.
Q: Most states now provide unemployment compensation benefits for up to 99 weeks.
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