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UNEQUnion Nationale des Écrivains Québécois
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We are often told by these professional leaders and some politicians that we the voters are intellectually unequipped to understand or tackle the complex challenges faced by local authorities.
Among the most common were opened sewer hatches, pieces of steel fitting left sticking out of the ground, defective amusement rides and unequipped bathing areas, with 343 kids drowning.
The site is currently an open space and involves an 'informal unequipped recreational space' with an all-weather multi-sports ball court.
The solution lies in maintaining standards while ensuring affordability, but the reality is that there is little competition from public schools that are unequipped to offer the same learning experience.
Melosh covers the fatigue of her first Easter season, the difficulties of opening her home up at Christmas, and the overriding sense of being "unequipped" to really do the work.
He says the Government of Liberia is incapacitated security wise to allow full implementation of the TRC report, on grounds that the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Liberia National Police are under staffed and unequipped to defend the state in case of any catastrophe.
May this dawning year draw us closer to our calling, more committed to our oath, laboring for the better world we lawyers can and must preserve for those unequipped with our knowledge and, thus, unable to control the Hand of Justice too often misdirected by error, self-interest, and jurisprudential ignorance.
In my opinion, I think we need a female committee - made of a doctor, lawyer, psychologist and social worker - that studies the girl's state in order to assess whether or not she can get married." "Those that are fifteen or younger can undergo severe physical and psychological damage through marriage, and they're probably unequipped for it.
So far more than 50 million home latrines have been built, and India is on the homestretch with 12 million unequipped homes to go.
The firm states that the main challenge facing implementation of an AAV network is that existing air traffic control towers are unequipped to manage potentially thousands of AAV flights in a given city.
The officer is understood to have "upgraded" his kit for mealtimes after visiting unequipped police stations.
Jordanian resident Ahmad Sami said no construction work has started in the community to build a mosque, and the current available space for prayers is too small and unequipped for group prayers.