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UEUnión Europea (Spanish: European Union)
UEUniversity of Evansville (Evansville, IN)
UEUser Equipment
UEUnione Europea
UEUnia Europejska (Polish: European Union)
UEUnion Européenne
UEUnião Europeia
UEUniversity of the East
UEUniversity of the East (Manila, Philippines)
UEUrban Exploration
UEUniunea Europeana (Romanian: European Union)
UEUnité d'Enseignement (French: academic subjects)
UEUser Experience
UEUpper Extremity
UEUnited Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
UEUser Error
UEUniversity of Edinburgh (UK)
UEUsability Engineering
UEUnited Empire (Loyalist - American Revolution)
UEUnreal Engine
UEUniversity Entrance (examination)
UEUnknown Enemy (gaming)
UEUse of English
UEUnion Electric (Missouri)
UEUnited Express (airline)
UEUnusual Event (safety and emergency planning)
UEUnit of Employment (US Army)
UEUnit of Employment
UEUnit Equipment
UEUnited Earth (Star Trek government)
UEUniversal English (Adobe)
UEUnified Endeavor (military simulation exercise)
UEUnified Endeavor
UEUniversal Exports (James Bond movie)
UEUnderlying Event
UEUnity of the Empire (descendant of a qualified United Empire Loyalists)
UEUnified Engagement (joint wargame)
UEUniform Elongation
UEUltimate Elektra (comic)
UEUrban Eye
UEUrbaniste de l'Etat (French: Planner of the State)
UEMember of the United Empire Loyalists
UEUnited Endeavor
UEUnit Exhausted
UEUnité d'Endotoxine (French: Endotoxin Unit)
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She demanded the registrar to carry a strict action on the misconduct and unprofessional behaviour of the officials to 'prevent this prestigious institution from being sabotaged through unethical conducts.'
The practice is not inherently unethical or contrary to the public interest, but it can create the perception and increase the risk that well-funded special interests are able to unethically buy influence.
Harassment, sexism, theft and verbal abuse were the most common unethical behaviours with mid-level and junior employees the most likely offenders.
"Now is it unethical? I think it was unethical for Carandang to have used his office for political reasons because that is clearly what motivated him to use unverified information from the AMLC in a manner that is contrary to law," he added.
Researchers have posited that unethical behaviors occur only when individuals' self-regulatory mechanisms are deactivated through several cognitive mechanisms, such that they are unable to anticipate and judge their actions in comparison to a set of internal moral standards (Bandura, 1986; Detert et al., 2008; Moore, Detert, Klebe Trevino, Baker, & Mayer, 2012; Stevens et al., 2012).
He has a long list of breaking rules and unethical behaviour at football stadiums.
In a statement yesterday, the Foreign Ministry described the move as unethical and completely disregarding international law, international humanitarian law and UN conventions.
"It was a very unethical act," remarked the PPP chairman.
A combination of archival and experimental studies indicates that exposure to air pollution, either physically or mentally, is linked to unethical behaviour, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.
Mr Mue said the assembly's Speaker Nduati Kariuki and the Clerk Chris Kinyanjui have also been summoned to explain more about the chaos that rocked the House on January 16, 2018.RECORD STATEMENTSThe commission seeks to question and record statements from the MCAs to facilitate investigations and later take action."Pursuant to its constitutional and statutory mandate, the commission would like you to shed more light on the matter and record statement on the same," read the letter dated January 17, 2018.The letter indicated that the agency is "investigating allegations of unethical conduct, in regard to a fist fight that broke out within the precinct of the assembly".
I bought a whole pie at the pizzeria and offered slices for $2 to kids at the end of the long line, but a school counselor said that it was unethical. I thought I was providing a service based on the idea that "time is money." Who'S right?--Ben Gammage, San Diego
Nevertheless, 48 per cent of respondents believe that regulation has had a positive impact on deterring unethical behaviour, a significantly higher percentage than global respondents (28 per cent), with 83 per cent of MENA respondents agreeing that the prosecution of individuals would help deter fraud, bribery and corruption by executives.