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UNEXUnexcused (attendance)
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Parents complained the action was punitive, but Heid said students aren't disciplined for having unexcused absences.
total absences); excused/medical absences; unexcused absences/truancy; and school refusal, where the child struggles to attend school due to emotional distress, despite awareness from parents and teachers.
And JetBlue has buttressed this averment with documentation confirming the appellant's unexcused absences.
However,  her child ended up missing an additional 14 unexcused days of school.
This led to about a 25% decrease in unexcused absences in participating classes.
Among the students contributing to our analysis, 97% report having an absence of some kind every year, while more than 85% report having an unexcused absence in the average academic year.
The complaints involved a high school student whom the school's deputy principal reportedly pressured and threatened when he refused to participate in a school-organised religious service, and in another, a student exempted from religious instruction said he was punished with unexcused absences for not attendingreligionclasses.
* Distinguish between "excused" and "unexcused" absences.
"I had to explain to them that missing three classes in a week is always 'unexcused' and their grade would drop one level because of it.
The school then marked it down as an unexcused absence.
10 - the day authorities say Wooden was killed - after he had three consecutive unexcused absences from work.