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Nearly a quarter of voters with an unfavorable opinion of her also voted for Democratic candidates.
But Pence's rating is better on a net basis (favorable minus unfavorable ratings) given an average 42% unfavorable rating (accompanied by 16% no opinion), compared with an average 56% unfavorable rating for Trump (and 2% no opinion).
They're all doing pretty poorly, but Trump "wins" this category if you look at people with "very unfavorable" opinions.
Overall, 47 percent of voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of the NFL -- including 28 percent who said they have a very unfavorable opinion -- while 27 percent said they have a favorable impression of the league.
Most physicians support work requirements for Medicaid Very unfavorable 9.2% Somewhat unfavorable 8.4% Neither favorable nor unfavorable 8% Somewhat favorable 17.8% Very favorable 56.6% Notes: Based on a survey of 667 physicians that was conducted by email in early March.
The ecologists predict strong Gilavar windon March 3-4, which is generally unfavorable some meteo-sensitive people.
The conditions on the global market are unfavorable, the domestic surrounding is putting a pressure-warn from the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.
"It is expected this will start to show up in the unfavorable numbers sooner than later."
The decrease was primarily due to a USD10 million unfavorable impact from returned or repossessed equipment and a USD7 million increase in provision for credit losses, partially offset by a USD7 million decrease in general, operating and administrative expenses.
The decrease was primarily due to a $17 million decrease in net yield on average earning assets reflecting geographic mix changes and currency impacts, an $11 million increase in provision for credit losses and a $10 million unfavorable impact from lower average earning assets.
In this unsettled US election year, a majority of Americans have unfavorable views of all the leading presidential candidates.
Higher income in 2015 resulted from improved manufacturing efficiencies and lower input costs that offset unfavorable impacts from currency translation and higher SG&A.