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UNFOLDUnderstanding New Frameworks of Learning Design
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"Using these simple design rules we are able to create DNA structures that fold and unfold at a specifically desired temperature." "By adding optical reporters to these DNA structures, we can therefore create 5 nm-wide thermometers that produce an easily detectable signal as a function of temperature," adds Arnaud Desrosiers, co-author of this study.
"These plants fold their leaves to protect themselves from dry conditions and cold, and unfold to get the rain they need to grow.
The I27 domains have been shown to unfold at forces of ~200pN and produce an increase in contour length ([DELTA]Lc) of ~29 [+ or -] 8 nm upon unfolding [30].
Comparison of SASA and 'SASA values obtained by different methods used to unfold the proteins SASA of the SASA of the unfolded unfolding model Unfolding Unfolding method method PDB SASA of MD Instantaneous MD Instantaneous code native simulation simulation structure 1AKI 6755 (a) 1AAL 3993 5579 6539 1586 2546 (b) 2TRX 5847 9135 13254 3288 7407 (c) 1PGB 3752 5772 8143 2020 4391 (d) a, b, c and d are 4, 2, 1, and zero, respectively and denote the number of crosslinks Figure 3 shows the snapshots of conformational changes during unfolding simulation of IgG binding domain of protein G (IBPG) which has 56 residues with no crosslink.
But in truth the history of Christian-Muslim relations, from its very beginnings until today, has simultaneously unfolded and continues to unfold along both of these major story lines--confrontation and conflict as well as dialogue and cooperation--sometimes running parallel and often intersecting.
All the shoe queens and wannabe monarchs across the whole world are watching the art of Lil' B, Uno, Stunna, and producer Young L unfold.
Capability: The 3-D modeling program TouchCAD 3.5.0 is used to model parts that unfold, such as blimps, balloons, sails, retractable roofs, or sheet-metal parts.
Then, it begins to unfold and expand, transforming into an array of five vertically suspended cabins, each with a capacity to hold 30 evacuees.
In practice, however, many such predictions stem from the student's encounters not with life but with the literary representation of it, representations in which, as noted, events often unfold in a familiar manner.