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UNGUniversity of North Georgia (est. 2013)
UNGUnited States Natural Gas Fund LP (stock symbol)
UNGUnguent (ointment, medical)
UNGUniversity of Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland)
UNGUnified Newspaper Group (Madison, WI)
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It is also notable that both these examples of civet as a prestigious and prominent oil-based unguent are from South India: Karnataka, Tamil country, and Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.
(19) Celsus supports this claim and recommends instilling poppy with unguent of almonds, saffron and myrrh:
Incredibly, until 1900 glass was only used in making everyday wares to store food, perfume, unguents etc, and as ornamental objects, mirror-making and optics.
Another insect in the unguent could be the introduction of mitigating measures to take the pain out of some of the legislation.
"And it made us laugh a great deal." With an assist from an unguent "mad scientist" in Utah, the Old Chub Stick (made with Oskar Blues' Old Chub Scottish Style Ale, beeswax, macadamia nut oil and other ingredients) became a reality late last year.
Any drug (prescription, of course), any lotion, any herb, any unguent. Nowadays I offer full disclosure beforehand, mostly of things that just aren't going to happen.
Side Two ends with "Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne" as Thompson turns his story teller's gaze on us, applying the final, ironic unguent: "And sometimes you never connect with a song Till it's telling the way that you feel Putting words to your story, all the pain and the glory How can it be written so real How I wish I knew All of the old songs they're singing Such comfort they're bringing To a heart that's as empty as mine"
SO I'm lying there in this spa, with one beautiful woman rubbing a ginger and lime unguent into my back and neck, and another treating my feet with life-enhancing ointments.
(3) Called variously the "armary unguent," "magnetic unguent," "powder of sympathy," and "powder of vitriol," it was reputed to heal wounds without being applied directly to them.
The Virgin's daffodil-blonde skin and hair are tinged with peach and blush-pink, and her child is the colour of the unguent egg-yolk Masaccio would have used to fix his pigments, as if in celebration of his medium.
"Aphrodite's Unguent - an ancient blend of nitrogen and snobs to turn that excess weight into saliva, which can then be harmlessly spat out, " said Dr Alimantado.
It is clear, brothers, that the woman previously used the unguent to perfume her flesh in forbidden acts ..."