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UMUniversity of Malta
UMUser Modeling
UMUniversity of Maine (Orono, ME)
UMUnified Messaging
UMUniversity of Minnesota
UMUniversity of Miami (Florida)
UMUniversity of Maryland
UMUniversity of Manitoba
UMUnited Methodist
UMUniversity of Michigan (also seen as U-M)
UMUniversidade do Minho (Portugal)
UMUniversity of Missouri
UMUniversity of Massachusetts
UMUniversity of Montana
UMUniversity of Manchester (UK)
UMUniversity of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
UMUniversity of Mississippi
UMUniversidad de Montevideo (Spanish: University of Montevideo; Montevideo, Uruguay)
UMUniversity of Memphis (Tennessee)
UMUtilization Management
UMUniversiti Malaya (Malaya University, Malaysia)
UMUS Minor Outlying Islands (airline code)
UMUsers Manual
UMUniversidad de Morón (Spanish: University of Morón; Argentina)
UMUpper Marlboro (Maryland)
UMUnified Model
UMUrban Myth
UMUser Module
UMUnaccompanied Minor
UMUninsured Motorist coverage (protects a motorist against damage from an accident with an uninsured motorist)
UMUniversité de Montréal
UMUnit of Measurement
UMUniversité de Moncton (French; Nouveau-Brunswick, Québec)
UMAir Zimbabwe (airline code)
UMUpper Motor (neurons)
UMUnit Manager
UMUnable to Maintain
UMUnacknowledged Mode (telecommunications)
UMUltimate Muscle (video game)
UMUmbria Mobilità (Italian public transport company)
UMUniversity of Maastricht (Netherlands)
UMUnexplained-Mysteries (website)
UMUnderground Mine
UMUniversal Modem
UMUnscheduled Maintenance
UMUniversity of Malaga
UMUnit Movement
UMUniversity of Manila (Philippines)
UMUniform Methodology (finance)
UMUncertainty Modelling
UMUniform Manifest (HAZMAT)
UMUnit of Measure Code
UMUlkoasiainministeriö/Utrikesministeriet (Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland)
UMUltimortal (comic strip)
UMUnauthorized Monitoring
UMUnderwater Mechanic
UMWake/Midway Islands (ISO country code)
UMUnión para a Mudanza (Spanish: Union for Change, Guinea-Bissau)
UMUARS Missions (NASA)
UMMicrometer (Micron, 1x10^-6 SI meters; Greek Letter Mu (µ), not u)
UMUnmatched Map
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AltiGen's scalable, integrated, and easy to manage all-in-one unified communications solutions enable an array of applications like standards based SIP VoIP phones and servers, unified messaging, voicemail, call recording, conferencing, call activity reporting and mobility solutions that leverage both the Internet and the public telephone network to take advantage of the convergence of voice and data communications.
Avaya--Through a partnership with IBM, its Unified Communications products offer telephony and support for email, calendars, directories, unified messaging, conferencing, and advanced desktop call features, like presence, messaging, and meeting exchange.
Unified messaging can allow digital storage of secure documents and voicemails.
In keeping with its mission, TeleData Technology designs, develops, manufactures and markets software via OEM arrangements with enterprise communications manufacturers or to dealers for state-of-the-art legacy PBX and VoIP computer/telephony value-added services to include voice mail, unified messaging, automated attendant and interactive voice response.
The first feature one should look for in a unified messaging system is the capability of having multiple message types arrive at a desktop user interface such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or Lotus Notes.
"The Free Fax Phenomenon: Players, Products, Partners & Profits -- A Road Map to the Free and Low Cost Fax and Unified Messaging Industry" is being offered at the pre-publication price of US $995 ($1,295 after January 15, 2000.) As an added bonus, all paid orders received by January 15, 2000 will receive an autographed copy of Maury Kauffman's second book Internet and Computer Based Faxing.
The Notes and Domino versions of CallXpress offer unified messaging functions such as a single message store, an address book for addressing all message types, ActiveX controls for managing voice and fax messages from the Notes client.
Everbridge will launch a voluntary cash offer to acquire the entire issued share capital of Unified Messaging Systems for NOK 1.37 per share in cash.
LGFCU's requirements included full unified messaging, contact center reporting and management, teleworking, enterprise voice recording, soft phone technology and fax services.
Outsourced messaging and communication services provider j2 Global Communications Inc (Nasdaq:JCOM) announced on Thursday it has acquired the unified messaging and communications business of Australian virtual fax, SMS and voicemail services provider mBox Pty Ltd.
Worldwide Computer Products News-14 October 2009-Nortel introduces speech-to-text capabilites in CallPilot Unified Messaging portfolio(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
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