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U/CUnder Current (magazine)
U/CUnder Construction
U/CUnit Cost (US DoD)
U/CUpconverter (US DoD)
U/CUpper Case
U/CUnapplied Cash
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"There are no alternative metal compositions that reduce the manufacturing unit cost of the penny below its face value," the U.S.
"The unit cost from the new nuclear power plants could have been easily decreased somewhat by going for an older version with fewer safety features like single containment instead of double containment, but that would have been contrary to our policy of according the highest priority to safety", official concluded.
Dartmouth-Hitchock has always been low at using expensive medical interventions, but, today, because total medical expense figures are not reported in the same way as unit costs, total medical expense figures are much harder to find on the Internet, Butterly said.
Therefore, the average unit cost is the summation of average material cost, during production inspection cost, average conversion cost, and average after production inspection cost.
The vehicle cost report and its sister, the vehicle exit unit cost report, enforce a structural, performance, cost, and financial discipline that have proved to be invaluable during the reliability, availability, maintainability/rebuild to standards, and the current inspect and repair only as necessary process.
The market-clearing unit cost of talent in a win maximization league [c.sub.w] can be below or above the marginal revenue of talent, depending on the size of the wage-turnover ratio.
In the absence of market distortions (taxation, external effects, excess profits from market control, etc.), price is a good approximation of the social value of those resources, reflecting the demand for their use by different producers, and may therefore be close or equal to the unit cost indicated by the social opportunity cost approach.
Early chapters focus on the development of unit costs for eight social care processes involved in work with children looked after away from home, such as deciding a child needs to be looked after and finding the initial placement, care planning, maintaining the placement (this accounted for by far the biggest share of total costs), review, exit from care and legal processes.
I also challenge Councillor Dixon to explain why, if reducing costs is such an important issue, Cardiff council is not putting its in-house services out to tender seeing that its unit cost is significantly higher than other voluntary sector providers.
The Unit Cost Study is an annual project involving the direct participation of all public community colleges in Illinois.
In fact, deepwater average unit operating cost did fall from 1997 to 1999, however, since then the average unit cost has remained nearly level with a small increase between 2000 and 2003.
What drives the economics of these types of projects is the commodity price "sparks spread" between the unit cost of energy between electricity and natural gas, he says.