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U/CUnder Current (magazine)
U/CUnder Construction
U/CUnit Cost (US DoD)
U/CUpconverter (US DoD)
U/CUpper Case
U/CUnapplied Cash
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There are no alternative metal compositions that reduce the manufacturing unit cost of the penny below its face value," the U.
Coal assessments show that the unit cost of electricity generation from the new nuclear power projects would also be below other major sources in the country apart from hydro and comparable to coal (imported or local).
Today, however, patients usually can't make decisions based on the likely total cost of their care, because total medical expense costs are even harder for patients to get than unit costs, Butterly said.
The vehicle cost report and its sister, the vehicle exit unit cost report, enforce a structural, performance, cost, and financial discipline that have proved to be invaluable during the reliability, availability, maintainability/rebuild to standards, and the current inspect and repair only as necessary process.
In other cases -- such as average unit costs for project management, design services, real estate services, etc.
Figure 1 shows the errors that an adjuster can face if the incorrect unit cost is used.
This is the unit cost estimated in the early 1990s for capacity expansions by OPEC members.
The reference unit cost value was set at $100 and a unit profit rate of 20%, at $20 for the base case.
It is at the activity and product unit cost level that mortgage bankers should be comparing their cost statistics because every mortgage banker performs similar basic activities associated with certain basic products.
According to the Water and Power Ministry, per unit cost for commercial peak hours have been raised from Rs 14.