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UUnd (German: And)
UUpper Class
UWind Speed
UUpdate(d) (action code)
UUnlimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
USunday (one letter abbreviation for day of week)
UUtah (ammunition headstamp)
UUtility (US military aircraft designation; as in U-6 Beaver)
UKosher (from Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)
UUniform (aviation letter code)
UUnitary (mathematics)
UAtomic Unit (measure of mass)
UUmdrehungen (German: RPM)
UUnterseeboot (German: submarine)
UUnion Metallic Cartridge Co (division of Remington Arms; used on head stamp of .22 cartridges)
UEnvelope or Letter Sheet (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
UUnit of measurement for rackmount equipment (U is 1.75in or 4.44cm)
UUS DoT tire speed rating (124 mph)
UUnknown Wind Intensity (weather reports)
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Among the unitary states, the Philippines was the most decentralized, followed by Indonesia and Thailand.
In 2017, when the UPC comes into force the Unitary Patent will come into existence at the same time so that patentees will either be able to have traditional European patents granted to them covering four or five countries or they will be able to ask for any of their patents about to grant in the European Patent Office to have "unitary effect" which means it will cover 25 countries at once - at the same cost as a traditional European patent designating just four countries.
Furthermore, Leddy (2004) based her Human Energy Model on the basic ideas of Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings.
Killip and Nenciu [26] describe an ensemble of n x n random unitary matrices whose eigenvalues are distributed according to the Gibbs distribution for n particles of the Coulomb gas on the unit circle.
The state tax liability of a corporate taxpayer under unitary reporting is determined by the state's proportion of the combined business income--along with other factors--of all the entities contained in the unitary business group.
And Councillor Bob Gibson, the then leader of Stockton Council, said having four unitary authorities was the only solution that made any real sense.
The unitary patent will significantly streamline the process and reduce the costs of obtaining an EU-wide patent (see "Big Savings," p.
In the context of a unitary group of corporations, each member of the unitary group is treated as a separate entity for purposes of determining whether it is subject to tax in another state.
However, for simplicity concentration will be on two systems, unitary and federal.
The European patent with unitary effect (unitary patent) in the 25 participating states is based on two regulations, one creating the instrument, and one on the applicable language regime for the new patent.
The European Parliament voted Tuesday in favor of the unitary patent protection package.
But Blyth Valley Labour MP Ronnie Campbell - who campaigned for two separate unitary councils and has been a leading critic of the new regime - claimed its introduction has been 'a disaster for a lot of people'.