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UUnd (German: And)
UUpper Class
UWind Speed
UUpdate(d) (action code)
UUnlimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
USunday (one letter abbreviation for day of week)
UUtah (ammunition headstamp)
UUtility (US military aircraft designation; as in U-6 Beaver)
UKosher (from Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)
UUniform (aviation letter code)
UUnitary (mathematics)
UAtomic Unit (measure of mass)
UUmdrehungen (German: RPM)
UUnterseeboot (German: submarine)
UUnion Metallic Cartridge Co (division of Remington Arms; used on head stamp of .22 cartridges)
UEnvelope or Letter Sheet (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
UUnit of measurement for rackmount equipment (U is 1.75in or 4.44cm)
UUnknown Wind Intensity (weather reports)
UUS DoT tire speed rating (124 mph)
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Premadasa said that if some people feel aggrieved, those grievances should be addressed within a unitary Sri Lanka and that the issue of a unitary Sri Lanka was non-negotiable
'Delegated powers can be changed, can be subjected to arbitrary conditions depending on the discretion of the unitary government,' Puno said.
favors retaining the unitary form, while the former Chief Justice Reynato S.
Additionally, patentees need to update their filing strategies to decide when and why they will seek unitary effect for any of their patent applications.
The sample points are the eigenvalues of a certain unitary matrix, and the weights are the squares of the absolute values of the first components of the eigenvectors.
Thus, the starting point for evolution of theory development guided by the Science of Unitary Human Beings most likely is Rogers' three grand theories--the Theory of Accelerating Evolution (Rogers, 1980a, 1986, 1992b); the Theory of Rhythmical Correlates of Change (Rogers, 1980a, 1986, 1992b), which Butcher and Malinski (2010) called the Theory of Manifestations of Field Patterning in Unitary Human Beings; and the Theory of Paranormal Phenomena (Rogers, 1980a, 1986, 1992b), which Butcher and Malinski (2010) called the Theory of Emergence of Paranormal Phenomena.
To be included in a unitary business tax return, the affiliated businesses must be members of a group engaged in the same trade or business.
But Middlesbrough councillor Mike Carr, who was then the leader of Middlesbrough Council and was at the forefront of the borough's campaign to have four unitary councils on Teesside, said it would provide for more effective co-ordination and planning of services at a local level.
The unitary system means that patentees will have the option to apply to the European Patent Office (EPO, a body of the European Patent Organisation) for an EU unitary patent valid across the 25 participating member states.
In the context of a unitary group of corporations, each member of the unitary group is treated as a separate entity for purposes of determining whether it is subject to tax in another state.
However, for simplicity concentration will be on two systems, unitary and federal.
The European patent with unitary effect (unitary patent) in the 25 participating states is based on two regulations, one creating the instrument, and one on the applicable language regime for the new patent.