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UNITEUAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) National Industry Team
UNITEUnion of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees
UNITEUrban Network to Improve Teacher Education
UNITEUninitiated Introduction To Engineering
UNITEUser Network for Information Technology in Education
UNITEUniversity Networked Interdisciplinary Training and Education
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Their resemblance in good principles and good sense, in disposition and manner of thinking, would probably have been sufficient to unite them in friendship, without any other attraction; but their being in love with two sisters, and two sisters fond of each other, made that mutual regard inevitable and immediate, which might otherwise have waited the effect of time and judgment.
Three others and myself unite to have a set of chambers - to look business-like - and we quarter the clerk too.
Upon this, we all took courage to unite in a confirmatory murmur.