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The framework, unlike past studies which focused on context independent base MFs, will focus on adapting context-specific MFs that are defined over universe of discourse B = [l, u] to another context defined over a universe of discourse U = [a, b].
Let [[??].sub.i] = ([[a.sub.i], [b.sub.i], [c.sub.i], [d.sub.i]]; [[mu].sub.i], [v.sub.i]) (i = 1, 2, ..., n) be a set of intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers; [mu] is the fuzzy measure in the universe of discourse X = {[x.sub.1], [x.sub.2], ..., [x.sub.n]}; then ITFCI([mathematical expression not reproducible]) is still a set of intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers.
The angle should be partitioned in the universe of discourse [-4 4 rad], and the setting is defined by seven membership functions: negative big (NB), negative medium (NM), negative small (NS), zero (Z), positive small (PS), positive medium (PM), and positive big (PB) as shown in Figure 19.
Let U be a universe of discourse. For any X [subset or equal to] U, the following conclusions are true,
In general, in a universe of discourse U, let's have a nest of two (n - D)-sets, [S.sub.1] [subset] [S.sub.2], with no common end points, and a point P.
In turn the woman's universe of discourse is unresponsive to the man's; the concerns of the intellectual men are simply so unrelated to those of the women that there is no answering resonance in them.
Let x([??]) be the universe of discourse by the fuzzy set [[mu].sub.i](t).
Step 4: Defined Universe of discourse U as [[D.sub.min] - D', [D.sub.max] + D"] Where D' & D" are two proper positive numbers.
Each universe of discourse is divided into seven subsets such as Positive Large(PB), Positive Medium(PM), Positive Small(PS), Zero(ZE), Negative Small(NS), Negative Medium (NM), Negative Large(NB).The rule base for the corresponding membership functions is decided by index representation method as shown in Table 1.
The inputs and outputs are scaled so that they do not exceed the limits of the universe of discourse.
A referent is considered to be identifiable if the speaker assumes that the addressee, by means of the linguistic encoding of the noun phrase and in the particular universe of discourse, is able to identify the particular entity in question among other entities of the same or different class in the context.
When the knowledge of a domain is represented in a declarative formalism, the set of objects that can he represented is called the universe of discourse. This set of objects, and the describable relationships among them, are reflected in the representational vocabulary with which a knowledge-based program represen ts knowledge.