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UODUnified Object Type Descriptor
UODUniversity of Durham (UK)
UODUniverse of Discourse
UODUnderstanding Our Differences (est. 1978; Newton, MA)
UODUniform of the Day
UODUltimate Oxygen Demand
UODUnit Of Delivery
UODUser-Owned Device
UODUnless Otherwise Directed
UODUser-Oriented Design
UODUnsecured Overdraft (banking)
UODUnexploded Ordnance Disposal
UODUnit of Destruction (gaming clan)
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Therefore, the universe of discourse U is partitioned into 9 unequal intervals according to the above classification.
The angle should be partitioned in the universe of discourse [-4 4 rad], and the setting is defined by seven membership functions: negative big (NB), negative medium (NM), negative small (NS), zero (Z), positive small (PS), positive medium (PM), and positive big (PB) as shown in Figure 19.
4) It is obvious from the above definition of the extension (n - D)-distance between a point P in the universe of discourse and the extension (n -D)-set S that:
In turn the woman's universe of discourse is unresponsive to the man's; the concerns of the intellectual men are simply so unrelated to those of the women that there is no answering resonance in them.
Define the universe of discourse of all the technical indicators and close price.
The inputs and outputs are scaled so that they do not exceed the limits of the universe of discourse.
The terms "entity" and "referent" used in the article, it is to be noted, are shorthand for mental presentations, or mental files, of entities denoted by linguistic expressions in the universe of discourse constructed by the speaker and the addressee.
His universe of discourse is largely self-contained and conducted only at the highest level of abstraction.
In the normal course of events, the academy is divided into departments, each with its own universe of discourse and each often paying a mere lip-service to the notion that there is relevant material, let alone wisdom, to be found in other disciplines.
If you can forget for a moment the narrative framework on which they are hung and apply them to NCR's universe of discourse, you'll recognize the similarity.
The job of corporate media is to make the universe of discourse safe for corporate America, telling us what to think about the world before we have a chance to think about it for ourselves.