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X10 (Roman numeral)
XUnknown Quantity (variable)
XExperimental (US Military aircraft designation, as in X-1)
XTelephone Extension
XX Windows (TCP/IP-based network-oriented window system)
XMultiplied by
XMPAA Movie Rating for Adults Only
XSpecial Equipment (Stores 100 code)
XGeneration X
XX-ray (aviation letter code)
XEx (former)
XCorporation (IRB)
XExcept (medical orders)
XTransfer (prefix)
XExtreme (games)
XStrike (bowling)
XMalcolm X
XAxis (ophthalmological-related)
XHalogen (organic chemistry)
XNorthwest Territories (postal code designation, Canada)
XBrigade (Graphical Representation/Army)
XX Chromosome (genetics)
XÉcole Polytechnique (French famous university)
XXerox Corporation
XX Gene (X-Men)
XOffensive team (sports/coaching)
XBehind the Goal (Lacrosse)
XSpecial Distribution (Air Force)
XPersonal Mark (or signature)
X50 Proof (Alcoholic Beverages)
XFemale Chromosome
XPerpendicular to Orbit Plane
XInitial Position Error (of casualty)
X8-12 GHz frequency band
XExophoria At Distance (ophthalmology)
XHorizontal axis in Cartesian coordinate system
X[not an acronym] Last name taken by some Nation of Islam members
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Just moved from the Federal Reserve Board to chair the Council of Economic Advisers, Ben Bernanke is an unknown quantity to his new colleagues.
After they had grabbed an unknown quantity of cash, they left the store and possibly fled down an alleyway close to the shop.
But to see Wales' biggest local authority shelling out more than PS53,000 to recruit a chief executive - who, it mustn't be forgotten, was a respected former member of staff rather than an unknown quantity - will stick in the craw for many taxpayers.
Cork are one of those teams that are under the radar at the moment, we're not hearing much about them but I think they're a bit of an unknown quantity given their young team probably did better than expected in 2013.
We've had a report, but they're still a bit of an unknown quantity.
NIKICA Jelavic is a bit of an unknown quantity in England - but what is very clear is how gratefully his presence will be received by Everton fans.
Rochdale are an unknown quantity not having played there before so it will be an interesting fixture.
She's the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's only daughter who, despite her tireless charity work remains something of an unknown quantity.
The five-year-old is something of an unknown quantity but showed plenty of promise on his only appearance when staying on strongly to finish third in a bumper at the course last November.
At the moment Valeri is still an unknown quantity for everybody," said Hughes.
Because he did not know the nature of this radiation, he named it X-Strahl -- translated into English as X-ray -- based on the mathematical use of x to indicate an unknown quantity.
My old foes are a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment with a new boss and new players, so it will be intriguing to see how they all fit together.