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UNLOCKUnderstand the full challenge, Negotiate buy-in of key stakeholders, Locate cultural advancers and blockers, Organize relevant goals, priorities, and action plans, Communicate credibly, and Keep adjusting (Harper)
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If there isn't sufficient lighting, the Galaxy S9's Intelligent Scan will use face unlock because this is the default mode.
Face unlock features are simple and convenient, but many people are worried about the security of this information.
The exceptionally fast unlock speed now takes only 800 milliseconds to unlock the device.
In addition, we have a lineup of more than 45 prominent Blockchain experts speaking at UNLOCK.
This face unlock feature shouldn't be confused with trusted face.
In an attempt to help build the blockchain ecosystem in Dubai, the UNLOCK Forum is offering blockchain start-ups in UAE, the region, and globally the chance to showcase their solutions at the start-up area of the UNLOCK Blockchain forum at no cost.
Reddit user TheHotterPotato earlier posted a breakdown of how long it would take to earn enough in-game currency to unlock a hero.
8) Wireless providers have the ability to unlock cell phones, but generally will not do so for a consumer.
If on a pay-monthly contract you cannot unlock in the first three months.
While the size of the mobile phone unlock industry is hard to gauge due to its long time secrecy and grey market status, especially in the US, the firm estimates it to be upwards of 2bn annually.
The ICE Unlock Fingerprint Secure adds camera-powered fingerprint scanning to Android's lock screen and instead of real-time sensors; it relies on matching images of the finger to unlock the phone.
ClickPress, Sat Dec 21 2013] Now here have some service to unlock your iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 locked on O2 Uk network permanently.