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UNPDUnited Nations Population Division
UNPDUnited Nations Procurement Division
UNPDUnited Nations Program for Development
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- "Cholera - Leave stopped - Officers recalled." Alas, for the white gloves in the neatly soldered boxes, the rides and the dances and picnics that were to be, the loves half spoken, and the debts unpaid! Without demur and without question, fast as tonga could fly or pony gallop, back to their Regiments and their Batteries, as though they were hastening to their weddings, fled the subalterns.
The story of their coming to be shapen after the average and fit to be packed by the gross, is hardly ever told even in their consciousness; for perhaps their ardor in generous unpaid toil cooled as imperceptibly as the ardor of other youthful loves, till one day their earlier self walked like a ghost in its old home and made the new furniture ghastly.
It was Mr Squeer's custom to call the boys together, and make a sort of report, after every half-yearly visit to the metropolis, regarding the relations and friends he had seen, the news he had heard, the letters he had brought down, the bills which had been paid, the accounts which had been left unpaid, and so forth.
Molly, the housemaid, blubbered in the passage when he went away--Molly kind and faithful in spite of a long arrear of unpaid wages.
The occupation he set himself was to visit these with all discretion and speed, and, in the event of finding anywhere that he had left a bill unpaid, and a box or parcel behind, to pay such bill, and bring away such box or parcel.
* A&A General Construction, LLC unpaid taxes $5,455 Rev.
More than five million people put in an average of 7.7 hours extra work a week in unpaid overtime in 2015.
There is a clear difference between these two types of roles and Carers Northumberland, a Carers Trust Network Partner, supporting unpaid carers, feels that it is very important to make that distinction.
Gabriel McFadden, McFadden Framing, $3,474.55 in unpaid IRS taxes.
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Sajad Khan, 24, of Riley Square, Bell Green, Coventry, failed to attend unpaid work and supervision.
Earhart, $2,946.20 in unpaid Department of Revenue taxes.